Frank Iszak's Memoir, Free for All to Freedom Published

San Diego, California (PressExposure) August 02, 2011 -- On July 13, 1956, there was a daring escape that made headlines throughout the world, and turned hijackers to heroes. Now one of those Hungarian students is telling the inside story of what brought about the hijacking - from the crushing realities of living under Soviet occupation to the incredible life or death struggle inside the plane. While this story took place 55 years ago, the longing for freedom is timeless, and when denied this longing can become untenable. To hear Frank Iszak talk about the events of his life is to hear an eerie resemblance to today's headlines: "We had no choice. We needed to live our lives freely, because without freedom life was not worth living anymore. It's a story that resonates with current world events."

"Life under oppression is rarely narrated with any accuracy, because the oppressors control virtually every means of communication. Under the collective communist terror (Stalin, Mao and their henchmen), untold millions were annihilated without the world even realizing it, certainly not recording it as the genocide that it was. I hope in telling the truth of the conditions we were forced to live under, my book will give voice to those longing for freedom today, and a greater appreciation to those who have it."

Free for All to Freedom, then, is a story of hope. From the seven Hungarian students who would trust each other with their lives; to historic, world-changing events that would serendipitously aid the day of their escape; to the students' first true taste of freedom - one marvels at their destiny and good fortune. Ultimately, Free for All to Freedom is a triumph of the human spirit that will remind every reader of the gifts that freedom brings.

Free for All to Freedom is available at in Paperback ($12.95) or Kindle eBook ($7.95) formats.

About the Author

Frank Iszak was born in 1931. He immigrated to USA in 1957 and became a citizen in 1963 while working as a chemist in Berkeley, California. In the sixties he became a public speaker extolling the virtues of the free society from a perspective of an escapee of totalitarian oppression. Now at age 80 he is a yoga teacher, and Founder and Executive Director of Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach, a non-profit organization which delivers free health-enhancing yoga classes to underserved seniors.

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About Silver Age Yoga

Frank Iszak is the Founder and Executive Editor of Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach, dedicated to bringing life-changing free yoga classes to underserved seniors. He considers July 13 his "true" birthday, for it is the day he escaped communist tyrrany and the first day he was ever truly "free".

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