Freden Asks, "Papa Can You Hear Me?"

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) April 18, 2011 -- Easter is fast approaching which many of us use as a time to reflect upon our place in Christendom. Marc Freden, who's new book "Really!?!" takes some factual and opinionated swipes at the Holy See, says he'll only reconsider re-upping his membership in the church if Pontiff Benedict XVI offers up an honest apology to the worldwide congregation. However, Freden thinks such an apology would be tantamount to turning water into wine; it truly would be a miracle. The author contends that his Holiness and the Vatican's many transgressions against gays, women, marriage, sainthood, not to mention the need to throw open the Vatican's vaults to put an end to wide speculation that it houses most of the art looted by Nazis during WWII is enough to warrant such an event.

"I was raised a good practicing Catholic," states Freden. "But when the hypocrisy became so blatant I found myself questioning the belief system. That questioning turned into outright anger with the selection of Benedict XVI and his ridiculous ultra conservative interpretations of the power of the bible and church," Freden continued. "And they wonder why people are leaving in droves....could it is a worldwide perceived lack of honesty and humility, not to mention their teeter tottering on various important global and social issues? It has become a religion which seems to take advantage of the poor, ignorant and needy in order to maintain its base." he concluded.

For example, Freden speculates as to why the Vatican expects the public to believe that by keeping Pope John XXIII under glass in St. Peters Basilica will lead to his sainthood? He ponders, "Because he's not decomposing?! He's in a vacuum sealed, led lined, temperature controlled, multi million dollar casket! Of course, he's not decomposing! This isn't a miracle as the College of Cardinals and His Holiness would want us to believe. Its science and that makes them liars." Freden states. "If they want me and millions of lost Catholics back in the fold I demand an apology." he finishes, "Papa can you hear me?"

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"With this witty, conversational, collection of essays, Freden charts his life, exploring everything from his Catholic upbringing to his work as a dancer and his career as a producer and television personality in Hollywood and the U.K. The memoir shifts from insightful pieces about world travel to gossipy ones about nightclub lust and celebrities. His tales of being "not quite famous enough" should resonate in this era of celebrity obsession. Freden's energy, charisma, and honesty are admirable; readers will come away rooting for him to become "famous enough.""

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