Free Annuity Calculators Released for Public Use

Montreal, Quebec Canada (PressExposure) February 10, 2012 -- Consumers that are considering buying an annuity can speed up their research by using an annuity calculator from the Hughes Trustco Group. Hughes Trustco specializes in helping consumers learn more about annuities and find free annuity quotes. The annuity calculators are available, at no charge, at []. These tools give a better idea of the current product options available to investors.

An annuity is a type of investment contract between an investor and an annuity company. The investor deposits money with the annuity company. In exchange, the annuity company makes monthly payments to the investors for a certain amount of time, usually a fixed period of years or over the life of the investors.

Good research is critical for buying an annuity. These purchases are often for large amounts of money and the contracts last for a very long time. A better investment rate can make a big difference in monthly income for an annuity owner. Taking the time to research multiple companies is often well worth the effort.

Unfortunately, comparing annuity rates is not an easy process. Many consumers go directly to an annuity company and ask for a quote. An annuity company typically does not release a quote unless a consumer is willing to meet with a company agent and listen to a presentation. There is nothing wrong with this process as an agent can give valuable information. However, it is time consuming, especially if a customer wants to research a large number of companies.

Hughes Trustco developed its annuity calculators to help with this problem. The calculators have access to information databases of the top annuity companies. This lets the programs build the exact same quotes that a customer would receive straight from a company.

The strength of the annuity calculators is their speed. These programs build multiple annuity quotes within a number of days. This much faster than the time it would take a consumer to collect quotes by himself. It takes very little time to use these programs. If a customer wants a calculator to find annuity quotes, he simply needs to enter in a few pieces of information like his age, his initial investment, his desired contract length, and his contact information. With this information, the calculator builds annuity quotes which are sent to the customer by email or by phone.

To help customers make better use of the annuity calculators, Hughes Trustco also released several educational pieces on annuities. These articles give an introduction on how annuities work and explain the features of different annuity products. Hughes Trustco recommends that site visitors browse through these articles before building an annuity quote. This way, consumers are better able to understand their free quotes.

An annuity calculator can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to buy an annuity. Customers interested in learning more about the calculators or annuities in general can read the information available on [] or contact Hughes Trustco through the website.


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The Hughes Trustco Group has recently launched a number of annuity calculators [] on its website. These calculators provide a valuable service for consumers who want to learn more about annuity products.

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