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London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) August 10, 2009 -- The reason why low carb diet food will not work because your body metabolism will notice any drastic reduction in calorie intake and start to adjust its body functions to burn lesser calorie each day and that is the main reason why it is impossible to lose weight simply by cutting down on your calorie intake and start to starve yourself.

Besides, going on a low carb diet food plan is pathetic because you are simply depriving your body of necessary energy and thus your body begins to slow down its activity level, making you feel lethargic and restless. Your focus starts to lessen and your productivity level drops drastically. If you think its because you do not have enough sleep.. WRONG! It's because your body lacks energy from you starving yourself. Low carb diet meal makes your life miserable and losing weight a chore and torture and after a while, you will give in to your body and start taking in extra loads of calories again.

When your body suddenly has a overshot intake of calories and your body has just adjusted its activity to burning less calorie, the excess calorie intake will be stored in your body and YOU WILL BECOME FATTER and that's not what we or you want.

The answer to easy weight loss is definitely not low carb diet food plan, its about eating the right food in the right amount and at the right time. Only then will your body conditions itself to burn the excess calories by increasing your metabolism rate and get rid of your excess fat. Its true!

At eDiets, we have professionals dietitians who will help you plan out your calorie intake and you choose your the food you want and eDiets will then calculate for you the exact calories that you can take in, cooked the food for you by top chefs, packed it in chill packed boxes and deliver it right to your place so that you can simply open the pack and eat it.

No more worrying about what to eat and no more worry about whether you are eating the right amount, with eDiets specially customized diet meal plan for you, you eat more meals and lose more weight! It's that simple.

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