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Hillsborough, United Kingdom (PressExposure) December 02, 2009 -- Hydrotherapy is proven to reduce muscle ache, stress and reduce pressure on the heart. Hot tubs are as good way to enjoy and receive hydrotherapy as any, Health is wealth aim to make hot tubs affordable to everyone, so that the health benefits can be felt by all.

Through Health is Wealth hot tubs have just become affordable and accessible to the everyday family. Rather than paying high up front installation fees of thousands you can rent a tub from only £25 per week! Our hot tubs are not cheap disposables but the quality product you have come to expect from the reputable dealership. Simply fill in the form to order your hot tub now.

Additional: Health Benefits

Many of us wonder how immersion in hot water can benefit our health. The answer is our bodies make adjustments and changes when we are immersed in water, similar to those that take place when we exercise, including increased circulation, more efficient breathing, and mood enhancement. It is well known that when a person’s body is immersed in water, the water’s pressure affects almost every part of the body. When immersed, the body must adjust to the pressure of the surrounding warm water. The result is greater cardiac output and lower resting pulse rate. Also, the water pressure and hot temperature help the body to release hormones that help us relax and improve our mood.

Studies demonstrate that both the body and mind profit from the simple act of immersion on warm water. We live in a world where many people are confronted with serious health issues, including loss of mobility, chronic disease, depression and premature death. Movement in water, even simple immersion in water is an ideal way to improve our health and the quality of our lives.

Picture a recent stressful day. Maybe you worked hard all day, had a disagreement, battled traffic for 30 minutes or more and returned home either exhausted or not prepared to shift to the demands and rewards of home life. Now imagine an alternative opening to the evening, you arrive home eagerly, shed your days worries, and slip into your own hot tub. After lingering a few moments in the warm water, having your muscles and joints massaged with water jets – physical, mental and emotional relaxation takes hold. In fact, when you get out of the tub you feel calm and energised for the evening ahead. Sure, life has its demands and stresses, but you know from experience that your evening soak can help you feel better for up to four hours. Can you see it? This is a brief picture of how regular soaking in hot water can offer a relaxing oasis in our stressful daily lives. It is like taking a little holiday every day.

Hot Water & Mental Health:

Hot water immersion can reduce the effects of anxiety and stress naturally and therefore contributes to improved mental health.

Day to day life provides many stresses such as anxiety, stress, fatigue, pain, addiction, range of motion problems, poor energy levels, lack of sleep to name but a few. Anxiety in particular impacts each of us and is caused by major changes in our lives such as the death of a loved one, marriage, divorce, moving home or a new job. Anxiety can be reduced in many ways, like therapy, exercise and medication. Unfortunately many of us choose unhealthy ways of coping with stress and anxiety, such as smoking, over-eating, alcohol or drugs. However these unhealthy coping mechanisms only place added stress on the body and on those around us. Exercise and immersion in warm water provide healthy ways of coping with the stresses of daily life.

Immersion in warm water relieves worrisome aches and pains, decreases fatigue and causes an increase in body and muscle temperature, resulting in relaxation and anxiety reduction. Many people have also reported an energising effect after soaking in warm water which typically lasts around four hours. Increased joint flexibility, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep and a general sense of well-being can be achieved after three to four weeks of daily warm water immersion. The social impact of soaking in a hot tub can also contribute to a sense of wellbeing and stress reduction.


Soaking in warm water regularly, whether it is a bath, natural hot spring, or hot tub, shouldn’t be considered an extravagance. The reality is, soaking in warm or hot water can make a big difference in your health and daily living.

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