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Georgetown, TX (PressExposure) March 25, 2008 -- Free Online Cash System is a top tier affiliate marketing program that made it's debut in January of 2008. It is in many ways much like the "1up" programs that are popular today with one very interesting exception. Free Online Cash System has no initial investment. In fact, there are never any out of pocket expenses for it's members...ever!What is noteworthy is that every member is paid $150 for each referral they bring into the Free Online Cash System and even the referral is never charged any membership fee , maintenance fee or any other fee...ever!

Every member is provided their own replicated capture page but are free to host their own at a personal website. Additionally, every member is provided an auto responder that is independent of the Free Online Cash System. The significance of this is that the list that members generate are truly their own list and not a hidden way for Free Online Cash System to build their list from the efforts of their members.

Marketing the business is left up to the individual members, however, training sessions and resources are provided for them, also free of charge. New members are also given 60 days of co-op advertising for free.

The Real News

With all of the free services and resources and referral fees earned and given away, not to mention the cost of membership is zero, one would wonder "How can this be possible?"

The answer to that question will remain unanswered, at least in this release, by request of the owners and founders. While they freely tell and explain exactly how revenues are generated, it is done only in their conference calls and webcast which are given by invitation only 4-5 times per week.

Dan Hatcher, who is an experienced internet marketer said, "When I heard how they do it, I slapped my forehead and went 'Why didn't I think of that?' It's simple, straight-forward and requires a couple of hours at your computer. Then you're done with that!"

Mr. Hatcher said he has received inquiries from other top tier affiliate marketers about the value of the Free Online Cash System to someone who is already invested in a top tier program.

Mr. Hatcher continued, saying, "For someone who is making a killing in a top tier program Free Online Cash System would, on the surface, seem like something to shy away from. However, most people that are not making it in the top tier programs don't have the "belief factor" or as is commonly used nowadays the "Attraction" to command a 1-4 thousand dollar program. The risk and "hunger" comes through their voice no matter what and it doesn't work for many, many people.

Now the other side of the coin is… how many people inquire about a top tier affiliate program that didn't do it because of the cost? In my opinion, a top tier marketer who took this [Free Online Cash System] approach to their "old but still active" list would develop another stream of income. I don't know how much you know about Free Cash Online, but the program is "Exactly" the same as any other top tier program out there with the exception that the entry cost is ZERO.

So… the "experienced" marketer can take his "no's" and "old list" and turn the sharp ones (the poor or timid ones) into a residual cash machine (just like you do with your top tier program). Only the entry price is different.

Free Online Cash starts it's pay at $150 instead of $997, but goes on to much higher rates for the ones that you mentor! (Or more appropriately allow themselves to be mentored.) And it NEVER cost you or your recruit out of pocket money!

A person can chose to have the system "earn" their way to the higher levels or they may choose to stay at the $150 level and take all their money as you earn it. That is left up to each individual member. And…it NEVER cost anyone out of pocket money!"

All conference call attendees much go through a qualification process before being given the phone number for the conference call. Anyone wishing to receive an invitation to join the conference call can start the qualifying process by going to: []

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