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Boca Raton , Fl (PressExposure) February 16, 2011 -- Online Reputation Management and Marketing is more than just an industry "Buzz Word" If negative postings are left alone & unmanaged they will destroy your company. Reputation Management might not be on your immediate radar, it might be the furthers thing from your SEO Plans, your email marketing teams ideas, your content writers daily objectives, not in your sales team rebuttal lists or even affecting your accounts receivables just yet...

We can tell you from personal experience that all it takes is one situation to go bad with the wrong person that know what, who and how to complain and you will have a very expensive battle on your hands that will cost you at minimal thousands of dollars or at most your entire companies online existence.

"Online Reputation Management and Marketing is more than just an industry Buzz Word. If negative posting are left alone & unmanaged they will destroy your company."

How powerful are negative comments? Lets as you this, what is your Average Client worth? What is that client worth for this fiscal year or better yet, what is the life time value of just one client, think about it.

SEO/SEM campaign managers & directors are usually talking "conversions" to our clients. We have many metrics of measurement that we apply to justify & measure our fees, the click & seo costs vs. new client rewards or new client acquisitions. When measuring and testing we use a few formulas & acronyms like RTM (which stands for rolling twelve month of value) and LTR (which stands for Life time value of each client) or CPA (Cost per Acquisition). These terms of measurement are critical when calculating ROI/ROAS even at the fundamental level seeing if any and all marketing expenses are worth the risk.

Take these regular items that any decent online account manager is measuring on a day-to-day basis and now add the component of a negative online reputation. Take the old adage that someone having a negative experience (or even an opinion in this example) is hardly likely to notify your business asking for such justification before they just.. click on past, because they can. Measuring telephone conversions, website hits or online sales is a breeze compared to quantifying the unknown. This absence of business you simply can't track: the dead phone, the empty email box, is a very painful and detrimental experience that no business can handle long term.

Online Reputation Management & Marketing are the only tools anyone from an independent person to a fortune 500 company has for its defense. Some see or call this industry Negative SEO, Positive SEO, Social Reputation Management & Online Reputation Management (ORM).

All these processes are effective and will be needed when dealing with any negativity online.

Because of this we are offering a free Online Reputation Management Consultation for those interested and also a Free Domain Name, Free Hosting & A Free Webpage to help start your process of repairing any online reputation management problems you or your company maybe having. Contact for these services or call 561.961.4353

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