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Kitchener, Canada (PressExposure) March 06, 2011 -- Business on the Internet has evolved a lot since its emergence. At the very beginning, because the market and human knowledge is limited and the competition is not as intense as it is today, it adopted most of its market model from other traditional industries. However, the usage and reach of Internet and Information Technologies turns out to be unbelievably successful and prominent. Additionally it introduced the world a new platform on which communication and business process can be done much more quickly with much lower cost. Therefore that market model is outdated today and no longer efficient. In the recent few years, many Internet companies succeeded with providing users with free platforms in many distinct fields thus grabbed huge attention to this new business model. Among them, Bookmato [] is the first to connect authors and readers together to communicate, share, compose and promote original independent writings on Internet.

In the past, there are quite a few websites and companies on Internet which provides product such as publication plan for indie authors. Nonetheless, they are all following a traditional supply-and-demand model. They ask indie authors to pay first to get their books published. The truth is publishing itself today is given a different meaning that only carries the functionality of making a book printed out. However printing books out will actually not help indie authors with money making or reputation build-up at all because it does nothing to do with selling which is the key of the cycle. How can an author sell tons of his printed out books? Sell them to his own friends? Or work as a salesperson instead of an author? There is no answer.

Moreover, Internet is a place where security is always the topmost concern and for most of the websites on it the credibility cannot be guaranteed easily. People are much more unlikely to try out or purchase a product on Internet than in real world. Additionally there are many good people on Internet they are willing to provide others with something free of charge to help the community such as the Wikipedia and many other open source communities. Therefore it is extremely difficult and even stupid mindset to start your business on Internet asking for handsome money.

A good example is Microsoft. Before Internet booms to its popularity, Microsoft used to dominate the software market with its operating systems and many other home and office software applications. But it still followed the traditional model: idea - design - implementation - sell. When the prosperity of Internet starts to emerge, Microsoft thinks its traditional approach will still work and brought the market with its new operating system for servers and web service providing system. They were great technology-wise. But users and web administrators must pay huge amount money to use them. Of course Microsoft failed badly. Today, most web servers are running Linux and UNIX but not Windows Server and providing web services with PHP but not ASP. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult for a .NET programmer to find a web developing job. Why? Because Linux and PHP are all free!

As we can see from the market, all the newly born successful websites: Google, Facebook, YouTube and many others, they are all providing Internet users with free platform. They don't make money by selling something solid to customers. Instead, they gain their profit by providing charged services to other companies or individuals who are interested in distributing information and advertising to the users on these platforms. The business model on Internet is changed because the content on Internet is rich. To succeed on Internet, the key is not about what you think is good, but what the users need. That's why most web developing companies today has adopted the agile software development approach and run their companies customer-driven.

Bookmato, as the first dedicated platform for indie authors and indie books, has learnt from these stories and introduced a suitable model for book publication and promotion on Internet based on the core concept of Internet - to make things simple and to reduce the middle cost. It provides a platform which is free to use where authors and readers are connected immediately with no publishing houses or book retailers in the middle. It suits Internet in a long run and is getting accepted by more and more people. To learn more about this project and Bookmato, one can access its website at [].

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