Free Serialization Becomes Best Book Marketing Strategy For Indie Authors On Internet

Kitchener, Ontario Canada (PressExposure) February 07, 2011 -- With the skyrocketing development of Internet business models and the fact that more people are getting familiar and used to purchasing goods online. Internet book market, or the e-book market, has become a significant pillar in the whole book industry. Traditional book retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble all started to offer e-book in their online stores. More excitingly, the trend of e-books being a larger piece in the market cake gives independent authors a great opportunity to promote their works on Internet with an extremely low cost but a great effect. Among many existing online book marketing strategies, free serialization has been proved the most effective and potential one by many indie author's success stories. To help indie authors better utilize the power of this marketing strategy, Bookmato [] has built the first website on Internet which gives indie authors the most flexible solution and provides them the best features to write free serialization and furthermore commercialize their books with the most versatile sampling and pricing functions.

The core of any successful internet application is being free and interactive. Free serialization, as a book marketing strategy smartly roots in this fundamental concept for taking advantages of immediate electronic book distribution which has almost no delivery cost and the possibility of instant feedback from books' direct customers (readers). For indie authors, they have no existing reputation so that their finished books cannot automatically attract audience by default. On the other hand, the majority of Internet users are mostly looking for free content which traditional publishing houses and well-known authors will never offer. As a result, if indie authors could start their works as free serialization on Internet, they can be dramatically propagated globally for providing readers on Internet another source of free content which fits their need. It is a win-win situation: readers obtain free content they want and authors successfully build up their initial Internet presence.

Moreover, another advantage of free serialization is that it is adoptable and suitable to the largest promotion and marketing platform on Internet - social networks and social media. The basis of social networks is sharing. Internet analysis has shown that people are more likely to share your book to their friends if it can be accessed free of charge and click the content their friends are sharing if there is no fee. It amazingly works even better for books online because by writing free serialization an indie author is giving his/her potential customer a free chance to try out by letting them read a few chapters. This opportunity however cannot be offered by apparels or costumes sellers on Internet. Thus if your book is good enough, it can fast be promoted through social networks even without your own effort. In the mean while, readers can stop reading or purchasing in the process at any time so that their decision can be made more wisely because they can throw a book away in the middle while they notice a quality drop without paying for the rest. This flexibility cannot be provided by traditional paper books for readers have to make the purchase before reading. Therefore, writing free serialization benefits both authors and readers.

Bookmato noticed the success and further potential of free serialization as a book marketing strategy on Internet and built the first website to fully utilize the power of this marketing strategy to better fit the special features of Internet business models. Bookmato at this stage provides indie authors the flexibility to write a book in serialization online and start sharing and promoting while it is still in-progress and modify the pricing plan in the run to meet the equilibrium between supply and demand. For further explanation of the serialization model Bookmato is working on, one can access Bookmato's website at [].

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