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Kitchener, Canada (PressExposure) March 11, 2011 -- Internet business has gained its prosperity after decades of its history. Other than that, people today are becoming used to mark Internet one of the indispensable part in their lives. On the other hand, majority of traditional industries have shifted or added additional focus on business models on Internet. At this stage, competition among individual and business on Internet are extremely intense that thousands of them faded everyday due to erring in direction or decision. To obtain an edge over competitors, most of successful Internet business today introduces free services to break the ice. As one of them, Bookmato [] concluded that providing free services is also a doable and prolific strategy for book marketing on Internet. By providing free services, indie authors are more likely to build up their fan base and Internet presence quickly which is beneficial for their online writing career in the long run.

At the beginning of the Internet era, content providers and Internet business tended to make money by selling real products or Internet services such as network space or website hosting. Amazon and many Internet retailers are good examples for connecting traditional industry and business model with its extension on Internet. However, in recent years, no business can break into this battle field because these giants had already taken the dominating position and the cost advantage of monopolization. As we can observe, successful newly born business or website all rooted in free services. For instance, Google established its empire by providing free content searching services and Facebook gained its realm by building a social network which every single one can use for free.

Book marketing on Internet moved slowly in this sense, especially for electronic books. From the inception, its first attempt was to provide print on demand services or e-book creation services for independent authors who could not get their books published with traditional publishing houses. Although it handed another method for indie authors to bring their works tangible in real or electronic format, it didn't help promotion or sale at all. As most of independent authors are not familiar with marketing on Internet or even with Internet itself, their writing career on Internet failed and Internet was put at a print/create only position for authors.

The good news is, thanks to the development and spread of more advanced mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, e-books has drawn attention from general public and businessmen on Internet again. However, at this time, the core concept is not about print on demand or a simple selling option any more. People now are more focusing on the build-up of their presence, reputation and potential consumer base as a result of the trend of Web 2.0 and the popularity of social networks. Learnt from the success of open source community which played an important role in the development of Internet and giant companies which grown up by providing free services to general public, book marketers today get free services involved as well to start their course and put more eyes in the long run.

Bookmato, as a dedicated platform and the first online community which connect both authors and readers, provides a flexible and moreover powerful approach for independent authors to begin their writing careers with. Bookmato sets no judgement towards authors or works and make its role simple and beneath the scene. On the other hand, it gives surfers on Internet another source to locate readable materials. Most importantly, the service and platform itself is free to use and the restriction is minor in all aspect. It guarantees the potentiality and the future for independent authors as a starting point. To learn more about Bookmato or book marketing on Internet in general, one can visit [].

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