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Houston, TX (PressExposure) February 18, 2009 -- Farewell to the debate. Society has officially decided. With a vast majority of the population now leading "electronic lives", as the term as been coined, people expect every legitimate business to have a Website...and not just any Website. Your own website. With your own .com address, free pages sitting on someone else's website will no longer cut it. And the design. It must be professional and appealing to the eye. If not, well, 20 seconds and the average viewer has already forgotten your name. People also expect to Google your business (yes, Google is now somewhat of a verb) and have your physical address neatly displayed on a map, along with driving directions. Electronic lifestyles do apparently demand results, now please.

The good news is this is actually great for your business, as well as your budget. Novastrat Agency is now offering every business in America a free one-page website, with your own .com name included. Nothing is for free, you might add. Well, technically, now it is. Our designers will customize a website just for you, you make the decisions. This is a minimal $200 value, now free to you.

Now, before you go about making us a martyr, we do seek to turn a little profit eventually. Our interest is this, plain and simple from our Director of Marketing, "We believe that with the free website, Clients will be so completely satisfied with our work that, in the future, say two years from now, they will consider us first when they want to add-on to their site, make changes, or perhaps do some online marketing." There you have it. Our interest revealed. Now of course, if you never do consider us, that's okay too. The free website comes free of any obligation to use our paid services in the future.

While yesteryear required you to renew all of those pricey yellow page ads annually, we are offering you a free website for life (which, for starters, delivers much quicker results with an ever increasing conversion rate). What's more? When an online user searches for your business, you are in the limelight sans all of your competitors like in the phone book. Research does indicate, however, that the yellow pages still do come in handy. Moms reportedly use them as a booster seat for toddlers who have outgrown high-chairs.

All of that aside, when your business establishes a professional website, you earn a tremendous amount of credibility. Imagine 80% of your new patrons answering the "how did you find us question" by replying, "on the web." This is a reality to businesses with a strong online presence. Using some quick calculations, 80% increase in business through a free website means it's time to get started.

Contact 877.668.2787 to redeem this promotional offer. A representative from our Company will be happy to assist you.

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