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Camberwell, Australia (PressExposure) July 19, 2011 -- Welcome to the June edition of Website Marketing Magazine.I'd like to welcome our new contributors this month. We have Ari Galper from and Michael Silvester contributing some great articles that you should get a lot out of. We have also added some additional sections including 'wmm videos' and 'useful links' which give you access to more great content and resources.

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Why Starting An Internet Business Can Be Extremely Easy Starting an internet business is very rewarding,when a newbie follows the correct guidance.The engine, which makes everything to roll, is his own attitude, his winning spirit.

When a newbie has the correct attitude, he will find ways to the success, not the explanations. Is Your Own Attitude Strong? It is wise to go through the reasons, why a newbie wants to start online.

What are his motivations and what experiences he has, if any? The motivation is the reason to fight for the business and to try to find ways to win the obstacles.

The content of the attitude should be more, than just the excitement. It should answer to the question, what benefits a marketer plans to produce and to whom? What expertise he has and how he has planned to stand out from the crowd? The Learning Ladders.

Starting an internet business is like taking the first step on the ladder. You cannot jump into the third one, but you have to proceed step by step. But even on the first step you can make money and it is wise to stay there for a while until you have fully understood all, what it includes.

The Discipline To Keep The Direction. The newbie phase is not an exception. Even the first ladder step requires, that a newbie knows where he is going to.

In most cases a newbie knows the direction, but his self discipline is still weak and he will do unplanned things, which is not a good thing. The Tracking Gives Information For The Future.

The state of the art tracking systems, like Google Analytics, give useful information about the visitor behaviour on the site. This is the information, which a newbie must analyze carefully, because that information is honestly useful.

To put it simply, the tracking shows, what works and what does not work. The Start Is Easy, If That Is Your Attitude. The success in the Internet comes usually as a result of the right attitude. If a newbie thinks, that the start will be easy and he will succeed, he will most probably do it.

The is the game of the big attitudes. Every successful marketer trusts mostly on himself. The errors are parts of this game, but if a newbie can analyze them, they become very helpful for the future. It is impossible to avoid the errors or some milder obstacles. The only solution is to maintain a positive attitude and to go on.

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