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Morristown, Tennessee (PressExposure) October 27, 2009 -- At Cult Radio A-Go-Go! it's not unusual to tune in to hear ghoulish tunes or horrific movie trailer audio that makes you crawl under the bed sheets. Everyday is Halloween at CRAGG where it's common place to tune into Cult Radio Live every Saturday night at 6 pm pacific / 9 pm eastern hosted by Terry and Tiffany DuFoe and hear them chatting up notorious Hollywood boogeymen like Michael Berryman (THE HILLS HAVE EYES), Tony Moran (HALLOWEEN), Gunnar Hanson (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE), David Hess (LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT), Robert Englund (FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH), Rob Zombie (HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, DEVILS REJECTS, HALLOWEEN) and many others. But where did the origin of these movie madmen come from? Was it from the creative minds of the movie making moguls? Or from the tortured psyche of nightmare stained writers? What was the true inspiration?

In folklore, Halloween was a night for children to dress in masks and costumes to scare away and deceive evil spirits and demons. Religiously, Halloween (aka Samhain, All Hallows Eve, & Day of the Dead) is known for being the one day of the year when the veil between the living and the dead was the thinnest, making contact with the other side possible.. and probable! Historically, Halloween was the backbone of the Hollywood film fear factories! Since CRAGG celebrates Halloween 365 days a year, this October 31st, starting at 6 pm pacific / 9 pm eastern CRAGG Live turns its focus away from cinema magic and gazes into the crystal ball of real ghosts, ghouls, monsters, mysteries and the truth behind the unknown!

Join Terry & Tiffany DuFoe as they host on Halloween night and chat with the following scheduled guests:

6:30 PM Pacific / 9:30 PM Eastern -- Liara Covert Liara Covert, Ph.D., is a dream analyst, entrepreneur and spiritual teacher. Alumnus of CEDS, the Sorbonne, ISU (France), Oxford (U.K.) and McGill (Canada), her studies and personal life have led her to adventures in more than 50 countries. She has 2,000 published articles and done numerous radio and online interviews. She is author of the e-books, Expand Consciousness Now and, Harness the Energy of Your Dreams, and her latest book, SELF-DISCLOSURE: Changes from Within, offers keys to unlocking spiritual potential to find limitless happiness and love. We will discuss with Liara the question: Will 2012 Be the End of the World? In the upcoming blockbuster movie 2012, the realization of a doomsday event (as predicted to occur on December 21, 2012 by the Mayan Calandar) is depicted by alarming storms, massive destruction and total devastation of the Earth. But could the prophecy envisioned for 2012 actually be something else? Is there truly cause for alarm, or could the end of the world as we know it be the beginning of something even better? According to Liara Covert, Ph.D., there is no reason to be afraid. She explains why this could mark a positive transformation into the next “Golden Age”; an age of awakening intuition. With her extensive background in dream work, psychoanalysis, expanding human capacities and varied life experiences, Liara cultivates an inspiring view of upcoming changes.

7:30 PM Pacific /10:30 PM Eastern -- Joanna Garzilli Joanna Garzilli is the author of UNLEASH THE PSYCHIC IN YOU: How to Trust Your Intuition for Successful Decision Making. She has conducted more than 2,000 readings, with stints on British television and MTV. She went from a failed relationship and being flat broke to success in her business and personal life, and is now happily married. We will chat with the psychic who advised Monica Lewinsky about how to find love after Bill Clinton. That's right! Like the ill-fated Washington intern, many make the wrong choices in the realm of romance. But you can get back on track by tapping into your intuition. Renowned spiritual coach Joanna Garzilli will show you how to be your own psychic for a path to greater personal empowerment. Celebrities who she's advised include Goldie Hawn, Jenna Dewan, star of the movie Step Up, Lyndsy Fonseca of Desperate Housewives and others who have benefited from Garzilli’s practical wisdom and guidance. Plus Joanna will conduct live psychic readings on the air for callers!

8:30 PM Pacific /11:30 PM Eastern -- J.M. Dixon J.M. Dixon is the author of "The Weiser Field Guide to Vampires: Legends, Practices, and Encounters Old and New". From the shadowy coffin of Dracula to the high school hero Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the love story of Edward and Bella of Twilight fame, vampires have fascinated humans for centuries. The Weiser Field Guide to Vampires provides a handbook not only to mythical and historical legends, but also to the modern vampire, their community, and the science behind modern vampire feeding. Learn how to recognize a true vampire, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to tell if you are a vampire. Join us as we discuss all this and a glossary of who's who in the vampire world, top vampire terms, and occult and cult aspects from an insider's perspective

9:30 PM Pacific /12:30 AM Eastern -- Jacki Mari Jacki Mari is a Psychic, NumAstrologist, KarmAstrologist, Dream Interpreter and Analyst, a GhostTALK Communicator, Psychic Investigator and a Personal Confidential Psychic Consultant. She boldly says that “numbers predict the future”—even world financial successes and failures. She is well-versed about what Karma knowledge can do for you and says even the missing numbers in your birth name provide personal information about your KarmAstrology. Jacki Mari has a better than 93 percent accuracy rate in her psychic predictions. When you want to know, ask Jacki. We will not only discuss all this, but also get the inside scoop on Jacki's new ebook on Michael Jackson which also includes information on Farrah Fawcett's passing as well as Patrick Swayze on the other side. Has she communicated with them from beyond? Can Jacki shed some light on the mysterious passion of Michael Jackson? Tune in to find out!

In addition to all the guests we've packed into four hours, tune in to catch other possible tricks and treats up CRAGG Live's sleeve!

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