From Foreclosure To Fortune With Cash Gifting

Hilo, Hawaii (PressExposure) March 20, 2008 -- As a proud homeowner it was tough to face the reality of foreclosure. For the past few years, I searched for a way to leverage my income because with the ARM that I had I knew that my home would be in jeopardy if I didn’t find a way to make more money. I tried so many of those MLM thingamajigs in the past that led to the same result of failure but I knew that people were making money in it so I gave it another shot. I forked over $6000 thinking that if I invested more, the return would be quicker. But it wasn’t. I just blew a large chunk of cash…again.

So I ventured online and found the top income earner in a company called Roadmap To Riches. They showed me how they were making $100,000 a month, they promised to “drag me to success” and they were even going to teach me how to market online. I was sold. And taken to the cleaners. Their marketing system consisted of mainly google adwords which can cost a bunch of money if you don’t know what you are doing and even worse, put you right out on the street if you had a limited budget. I just tore a $6000 hole in my pocket, how could I afford google adwords?

And then it happened. Boom! The house foreclosed. Or houses I should say because we owned more than one. We were starting all over again.

But then a friend introduced us to cash gifting and we never looked back. Armed with new FREE ways to advertise, we took to the internet with our marketing campaign and then like a bolt of lightning, we started to see results. After going through more than 12 opportunities, this is hands down the best I’ve ever been a part of. I generated $5000 in my first month and am looking at five figures this month. Visit to see how amazingly quick cash gifting can change your life.

The system for cash gifting is both simple to understand and operate. I still remember the excitement of seeing the Fed Ex man delivering my first package. It sends a chill down my spine. No more products to stock or complicated credit card transactions and no more chasing my friends and family. It’s very possible to create a six figure income with cash gifting. In fact, it’s almost assured if you follow the rules and the marketing plan that’s in place. Just follow the yellow brick road.

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