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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 22, 2009 -- One of the many materials used today for making sophisticated jewelery is a metal commonly used as a light bulb filament. This metal is known as tungsten. Now many may think that a material commonly used as a light bulb filament may not be as tough as gold or platinum, but when you really think about it, those light bulbs are very hot when turned on, and a thin piece of tungsten could easily withstand its heat. So what makes it popular as part of jewelry?

Popular Use of Tungsten in Jewelery

Aside from its current use as tungsten jewelry, because of having the highest melting point in all non-alloyed metals, tungsten is commonly used for high temperature applications from the simple light bulb to rocket engine nozzles. It is also used in the creation of cutting tools for other metals. In fact, most high-speed steel cutters (cutting or drilling tools) contain 18% tungsten. It is because of this durability that jewelers found it very beneficial as a material for jewelry, especially for those that are susceptible to damages such as wedding rings.

One of the many types of jewelry where tungsten is being used in is the wedding band. In fact, when one talks about tungsten jewelry, the first items that come to mind are wedding rings. This is because, unlike the other forms of jewelry such as bracelets, wedding rings are much more susceptible to damages because they are worn daily. Wedding rings, when worn regularly, become more vulnerable to denting and deformation caused by outside elements - some of the common problems jewelers and couples face with other materials such as gold.

Tungsten adequately addresses these issues. It is a very strong metal yet its density is very similar to that of gold. This is exactly the reason why jewelers consider it a perfect alternative for gold and platinum. Because wedding rings also characterize the marrying couple's relationship, many people believe that a stronger wedding ring symbolizes the promise of a stronger and everlasting relationship of the couple.

Disadvantage of Tungsten as Jewelry

Even though the typical tungsten jewelry benefits from its durability, its disadvantages are also rooted from its toughness. Because it is tougher than most metals, jewelers find it very difficult to repair. In fact, when a tungsten jewelry is fractured, most jewelers prefer replacement over reconstruction.

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