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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 29, 2009 -- There are many kinds of wedding rings today that marrying couples can choose from. There are the traditional ones that people have gotten used to up until today, expensive and luxurious looking wedding rings, luxurious yet affordable wedding rings, and there are wedding rings that truly emphasize the meaning of the word "durability". Part of the growing collection of wedding rings today includes:

*Gold Wedding Rings - Many have considered gold to be the traditional catalyst for wedding rings. There are several reasons for this. First, it has the capability to maintain its yellowish luster or shine for years, which is perfect for symbolizing the relationship shared by the marrying couple. Most gold wedding rings today range from 14k and 18k. This is to ensure that the wedding ring is durable enough to withstand some scratches while maintaining a great luster.

*Platinum Wedding Rings - Known for its expensiveness, a platinum wedding ring is considered as one of the most luxurious type of wedding ring today. This is mainly because of its silvery-white luster and durability. Usually embroidered with diamonds, this kind of wedding ring is perfect for couples who can afford to spend a bit more than others.

*White Gold Wedding Rings - A combination of yellow alloy (gold) and one white element (e.g. rhodium, palladium), white gold wedding rings closely resemble platinum, yet cost significantly less. These are reasons why white gold is very popular as a wedding ring. The only drawback to white gold is that it loses its white luster faster than platinum.

*Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings - A newly introduced material, the tungsten carbide ring gained its popular for its durability. Said to be stronger and much more durable than platinum and titanium, the tungsten carbide ring became a popular choice for couples who wanted a wedding ring that would symbolize their strong love for each other. Other than its durability, tungsten carbide rings are also known for their glossy black hue and robust physical quality that makes it the perfect wedding ring for men.

*Palladium Wedding Rings - Part of the platinum group of metals, palladium is known to share some characteristics found with platinum such as its silvery white color (although it is slightly whiter). It is much lighter yet about 12% harder than platinum. However, unlike platinum, palladium may discolor at high soldering temperatures, become brittle with repeated heating and cooling, and react with strong acids.

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