Fuel Theft Prevention System

Georgetown, Penang Malaysia (PressExposure) November 10, 2011 -- Don't let someone else enjoy the comfort of your oil. Never be left high and dry ever again. Use the GSM fuel theft prevention system on site to prevents empty tank syndrome and remote monitoring your fuel supply tanks.

Fuel supply tanks are increasingly seen as valuable assets being relatively soft targets and thus vulnerable, typically targeted by thieves, when the property owners are away and most commonly during nightfall.

Cases of thieves forcing entry into fuel storage tanks and siphoning fuel supply have become a common occurrence. Most victims of theft are unaware of such acts committed until the time when there is a power supply disruption. It is only then when they discover that the supply tanks have been stealthily emptied.

This leaves the victims frustrated and having to put up with a temporary power supply breakdown with the added expenditure for refuel and in some cases, cost of repairs performed on damaged supply tanks.

WT-9001 GSM Fuel Theft Prevention System allows users to be notified via mobile phone text message/SMS alerts in the event of detection of fuel supply theft."

The basic concept is simple; the system or the control unit have to insert with the SIM card as the communicator. The unit connect to the fuel sensors, tank cover sensor, motion sensors and door sensors. When someone tries to enter into the areas, the sensor will trigger the control unit to send out the SMS or using GPRS sending the alert to your mobile phone or centre monitoring station. The fuel theft prevention system also will trigger the siren if required.

When the intruder tries to open the tank cover, you will receive another alert in your mobile phone that "tank cover open". Now, fuel sensor is playing a very important role, the fuel sensor is use to monitor the fuel level, when the intruder try to take away the fuel, the control unit will keep texting you and inform you that the patrol is falling to the certain level after receive the information from the fuel sensor.

When supply have fallen to critical levels, authorised users will be alerted and initiate appropriate action such as replenishing their supply by re-ordering

The WT-9001 GSM system can fully secure fuel supply sources and provide owners peace of mind as they enjoy the comfort and warmth of their premises while going about their daily chores.

This capability to relay signals and alerts via text messages/SMS provides a safe and convenient system for users to respond appropriately in the event of theft in progress, attempted theft and when fuel supply reach critical levels.

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