Fully Automatic GSM Remote Water Tank Level Monitoring and Pump Control System

Georgetown, Malaysia (PressExposure) March 26, 2012 -- The device should provide convenience and peace of mind as owners do not need to be present at all times on site to monitor water levels at different sectors."

The ideas remote water level management and control system should perform the following;

1) When water down to certain level - "LOW" , 1st input sensor should detect, the WT-1011RC will trigger input and send SMS to 8 persons mobile phone (admin) including the monitoring software in office. For example, SMS inform users - "TANK 1 Water LOW"

2) The 2nd input will detect the second level of water - "CRITICAL LOW". When 2nd sensor detect the level which reach the minimum, it will trigger the 2nd input, WT-1011RC will then send message to the water pump, turn on the water pump.

3) When the water pump turns on, it will send out the SMS to the user to inform the water pump turn on/ off. For example - SMS contents "Water Pump 1 turn on"

4) After the pump turns on and water level up to the maximum level, sensor will trigger WT-1011RC and sent the SMS to the water pump, to turn off the water pump. WT-1011RC will then report the SMS to user - "water pump turn off"

5) If outside the dam water level is higher, dam electric gate should be shut off to prevent water flow back. WT-1011RC will trigger the door gate motor turn on and closed the gate, send a message to the users. "Door Closed, Water Level High"

6) If outside the dam water level became lower, WT-1011RC will trigger the door gate to open, send a message to user or remote monitoring software.

7) Every time when switch on / off, level high, low, back to normal, turn off pump, it will send SMS to the user.

Whenever variations of weather conditions are present such as drought, rain or tide changes, it will affect the water levels. GSM remote monitoring and control system should detect the water level and sent to 8 people's mobile phone (admin) and remote monitoring software provided.

The GSM alert system provides convenience and peace of mind as owners do not need to be presents at all the times or employs a person sitting at site to monitor water levels at different sectors.

Another function for the GSM remote control system is used to protect the pump motor from excessive wear and tear leading to pre-mature failure. Heat is generated when electric motors operate. The pump motors require additional power upon start up to accelerate the pump and begin moving the water. This additional power (cold cranking amps) generates extra heat. WT-1011RC is able to detect when overhead and SMS the user and remote monitoring software.

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