Fundraising Book-a-Thon To Help Veterans With PTSD

Fayetteville, NC (PressExposure) June 05, 2009 -- They are everywhere. Veterans who have served in combat all over the world; walking the streets, serving dinner at restaurants, CEOs of major companies and even serving the public as police and other governmental positions. We see them every day and never suspect that they may be veterans who have made deep sacrifices and bear the burden of wounds that can not be seen. The fact is; many veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is an anxiety disorder that causes the victim to suffer from within. PTSD is a major cause of suicide in veterans. The victim suffers from unbearable guilt, fear, anxiety and a sense of helplessness.

Andy Curtiss, or "The Rabid Wolverine" as he is nicknamed for his aggressiveness and the furry set of mutton chops he so often sports, that resemble the comic book character Wolverine; wants to help vets suffering with PTSD. Andy who is a professional cage fighter and author of the book Combat Applications Techniques; is also a veteran. Andy served in the War on Terror as an elite Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces; where he saw combat in Afghanistan and was nominated for the "Silver Star".

"I saw good friends and reliable soldiers reduced to shadows of their former selves because of PTSD." He was motivated to really make a difference while standing in the Fayetteville Veteran's hospital where he was getting blood work done for a mixed martial arts competition. "I was waiting in line and looked around at all of the veterans waiting to be treated for serious stuff. Many of them were World War II, Korea and Vietnam vets. I heard the guy at the service desk call out that all the OIF, OEF vets had priority; my first thought is that is messed up. Later as I was being seen for vitals and inprocessing, I took a mandatory questionnaire. The questionnaire asked about the different types of trauma I dealt with in combat and then asked if I had specific symptoms. I asked the nurse why all of this was necessary and she said it was only for Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom vets to help them with PTSD. I got a little upset. I remembered all of those older vets in line and felt that it was wrong only the vets from this current conflict get treated immediately while others were on stand by so to speak,"

Andy went home and used the internet to do research on PTSD, and that is where he found Save a Vet. Save a Vet is an organization started by 3 US Marines who wanted to make a difference for all vets with PTSD. Immediately Andy contacted them and suggested to do a fundraiser for PTSD. Andy volunteered a portion of his quarterly royalties to Save a Vet; in order to help fund a treatment and research facility for PTSD. Andy Explained, "I don't make a lot on the book sales; but I am willing to give one third of my earnings to this organization." Starting in April, 2009; one dollar from every book sold will be donated to Save a Vet. Andy has already began promoting the event on MySpace and Facebook; he will continue to promote by publishing articles on Ezine, and hopes that others will become as interested and willing to help.

His book Combat Applications Techniques: Principles of Destruction is a manual of knife and hand to hand combat, based on a program designed for his elite Special Forces team. He has traveled across the US, teaching law enforcement personnel the techniques covered in this book. In April, 2008; the book was published through Authorhouse and released to the public. Combat Application Techniques is currently available through Authorhouse online bookstore,,, and many others. Andy appreciates and acknowledges the current efforts made by the VA and others, but believes that both the public and medical knowledge and understanding of this illness needs to come a long way. He also believes that veterans from previous conflicts need to be taken care of equally as well as those from the current one. For information on how you can help go to save a or look up and contact Andy Curtiss on MySpace or Facebook.

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