Fusion Broadband Sees Armidale Host the Fastest Wireless NBN in Australia

Melbourne, Australia (PressExposure) June 21, 2013 -- Two years after the NBN's first mainland launch at Armidale, NSW, this city has again created another first: the location of the fastest wireless NBN in Australia.

Thanks to Fusion Broadband, it is four times faster than what the NBN is currently promising.

Fusion Broadband has bonded four wireless NBN connections from two different service providers for Armidale-based Uniplan Group, a company that designs and constructs transportable buildings for holiday parks in Australia and NZ.

Armidale in the NSW Northern Tablelands was the first site to officially launch the NBN on mainland Australia on 18 May 2011.

While NBN's wireless connections are promised to deliver downloads at 12 Mbps and 1 Mbps for uploads, it's unusual to actually receive these speeds. Instead, connections achieve on average 11 Mbps downlink and 0.95 Mbps uplink

Following tests over the past few weeks, the Fusion Broadband service at Uniplan is receiving 40 Mbps for downloads and 3.75 Mbps for uploads.

According to Jason Maude, managing director of Fusion Broadband, these speeds are the worst case scenario and are based on non-compressable data.

"On compressable data, we are achieving download speeds of over 50 Mbps and 25 Mbps upload speeds," he said.

"And if NBN Co upgrades their wireless network as they have pledged to 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, our bonding technology will be able to deliver fibre-type speeds of greater than 100/25 Mbps -- via wireless," Maude said.

Maude pointed out that Uniplan also has an ADSL connection, which, when bonded to the wireless connection, adds another 2 MB more on downloads and 700 KB on uplink speeds.

"Businesses in regional Australia may not realise it, but they can get NBN-like speeds today. They don't have to wait for the NBN to roll out in their town, suburb or street. By bonding from two to 20 ADSL / broadband connections, businesses can dramatically increase their download and upload speeds throughout their entire organisation."

"Another anomaly that is not that uncommon," said Maude, "is the dramatic difference between the two service providers when it comes to what they are delivering.

"We found that neither providers perform at 12/1 Mbps. The range was between 10.9 to 11.5 Mbps downlink and the most we could get on uplink was 950 Kbps."

Maude said the latency difference between the two services is also astounding. One provider has effectively double the latency of the other. (Latency is the time for one packet of data to move from one point to another.)

"The broadband speeds that Australian businesses can get now through bonded wireless is world class and most would not even use their connections to full capacity. However, for high users they can be confident in knowing that if they install Fusion Broadband bonding solutions now, they can move up to potentially 100/25 Mbps after NBN's 20/5 Mbps wireless speeds are introduced in 2015."

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