GIA Predicts Eight Future Scenarios for Market Intelligence in White Paper

Helsinki, Finland (PressExposure) July 14, 2014 -- In a new white paper by Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), Predictions of Future Scenarios for Market Intelligence, the consultancy makes eight predictions regarding the future of market intelligence. The paper is based on discussions in a one-day scenario analysis workshop comprising market intelligence professionals and strategic foresight experts, focused on what the future of market intelligence will hold.

The findings from the workshop reveal that in the future, market intelligence teams will make use of the following.

1. Market Intelligence war room

Companies will create market intelligence war rooms, which are essentially rooms in the head office that are combinations of virtual and physical spaces and where the walls are covered with media screens to facilitate the brainstorming of ideas.

2. Segmentation of market intelligence users

To cater to the needs and preferences of different market intelligence users, especially considering the increasing tendency for do-it-yourself activities and different expectations of generation Y workers, there were be a necessary evolution to segmenting market intelligence users more clearly than current organizations do.

3. Internal marketing of market intelligence expertise

In light of increasing end-user do-it-yourself attitudes, the semantic web, social robots and other phenomena that will encourage end users to collect and process market information on their own, a key priority for any market intelligence team will be to clarify the reason for its existence.

4. Co-Creation of Insights

Market intelligence professionals at the workshop concluded that the co-creation of insights will inevitably be increasingly important.

5. "Only what I want" mentality and user guided filters

As the collection and dissemination of basic market intelligence will become more automated with fewer delays, and as the amount of available data to be shared continues to grow, it is likely that users will increasingly prefer to receive only a sub set of information they consider to be most relevant for their job role - and only at the time they want it.

6. Development of a falsification filter

A falsification filter will become a core part of the market intelligence dissemination platform, and its intelligence would be user-guided, as it learns to react to irrelevant articles.

7. Integration of market intelligence and user's social networks

Market intelligence users can start to receive vastly more personalized intelligence based on their interests, and integrate valuable commentary and collaborative input from their personal networks.

8. Market Intelligence for thought leadership marketing

Market Intelligence teams possess a vast amount of insight and access to knowledge and have the capability to fuel insightful thought leadership marketing even more in the future.

The full details can be found in the Predictions of Future Scenarios for Market Intelligence White Paper, which can be downloaded from

Facilitated by GIA and AlternativeFutures, a consulting firm focused on strategic foresight, the one-day workshop that involved 15 market intelligence experts, who were divided into three sub groups. Diverse industry expertise was represented in each group, and the groups were given change phenomena to assess in terms of how each would likely affect the way market intelligence is conducted in the future. These phenomena included those related to new technology, new methods of organizing market intelligence and economic changes.

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