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Washington Dc, MD (PressExposure) June 19, 2009 -- Websites go crazy when they hear the letters S-E-O. Formally known as Search Engine Optimization, this process enables any website to get better page ranks and get on top of the search results and if you’re a company that relies on the number of visitors you get then this is an important tool that’s wise to have in your arsenal.

According to an orange county SEO firm, Crest Media Inc., there are plenty of ways to do SEO, it could be as simple as redefining your website’s descriptions to the more tedious but effective link building, and if you’ve read the title then it’s obvious that I’m here to talk about the latter. Essentially, link building is a process of scattering your link all over the internet for the benefit both search engines and users to find. This makes you more visible to both and if you’ve applied other techniques in combination with link building then you’re probability of landing on the top 10 of the search results would be higher.

So how exactly is link building done? First, you have to choose your keywords, sometimes the most popular keywords isn’t the best nor are the least used ones where you don’t have any competition, choosing the right keywords is important because you want your website to be found by the people who are really looking for the type of content you have, if you’re a toy company then it would be awkward if let’s say someone looking for chemicals happen to land in your site. So be sure to make your chose keywords relevant to your main focus. Now that you have your keywords, you have to apply those keywords such as this one, for this article I’m using orange county SEO as my keyword and linking to, this is an example of an article used as for SEO purposes. The next thing you do is submit to article websites and do this repeatedly and watch your rankings steadily go up until you’re where you want to be. An important reminder about this approach is that when you’re writing an article, be sure to write about something that your readers will benefit from, if you just write gibberish then there’s a tendency that your readers will also give a negative opinion on you and the company you are writing about. So until next time, ciao!

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