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The Forerunner 305 continues to be one of the most popular professional training devices in use today. Many regard it as a contender for the next generation of personal fitness tools designed to meet today's challenging and varied sports arenas. Given is device is considered to be an 'athletic' trainer, many layman fitness buffs also enjoy the GPS functions and the built in virtual coach program assist in optimal training techniques.

The virtual coach (New Leaf's Active Metabolic Training) module is programed to coach fitness enthusiast in techniques to train more effectively and efficiently. However, for the user who likes to jog to a different rhythm, the 'coach' is configurable and is adaptable (or programmed) to a users' workout routines. Other utilities bundled with the Forerunner 305 are the heart rate monitor and GPS features. Together they work to collect physiological and location data to assess the exercise results for the day. This data is reviewed and analyzed by the Garmin Training Center software after downloading from the 305 watch unit.

Indeed, this Garmin 305 model maintains high rankings as indicated by fitness lovers who have posted their comments on review websites. Customers say this product as one of the most reliable, accurate and multi-functional trainers for their needs. It is important to state individuals that train solo should use such monitoring devices to prevent unintentional harm to themselves by over exercising.

"I purhased the GPS to help tracking my running / hiking excercise. The GPS 305 worked very well. Data is automatically downloaded to computer as connected to the USB for viewing data and charts. Also, it can be used on the trail for navigation."

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"People no longer have to guess if they're exercising hard enough or long enough," stated Dan Bartel, Garmin's vice president of worldwide sales. "By integrating the New Leaf metabolic profile into the Forerunner 305, users get a training program that's tailored to their heart rate zones and will help them achieve their fitness goals more efficiently than traditional exercise regimens."

The Forerunner 305 integrates a wireless monitoring fitness device that records time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate. Other compatible components offer cadence sensor (foot pod sold separately) if the user trains inside or outside.

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The Forerunner has high-sensitivity SiRFstar III GPS antenna that faces the sky during workouts. This gives the unit greater range for tracking signal lock on a geographic location.

The 305 also monitors these vital biometric readings:heart rate, caloric burn off, distance traveled, altimeter, grade and heading. The Forerunner is compatible with various wireless measuring devices to encompass a myriad of performance statistics for review and analysis.

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