Gates Street Lawyer Tactics No Match For Cops

New Haven, Connecticut (PressExposure) July 27, 2009 -- Talk about arrest and irony. The arrest of Henry "Skip" Gates was a page directly out of the newly released book A Black Man's Guide To Law Enforcement In America. In Lesson 3: Street Lawyer, Using Proper Etiquette When You are Speaking to Police, author Shafiq R. Fulcher Abdussabur writes, " Historically, most circumstances that have involved conflict between police and young African American and Latino/Hispanic males have been the result of a "failure to communicate" by all parties. What you need to know is if the police come up short on communication skills, it will not result in the officer going to jail. You will be the one to pay the price! So pay close attention!"

Professor Gates did not pay attention to the false arrest warning signs. He argued that he was in his house and that he was not breaking into his home as a criminal intruder. His accident was that he was just locked out of his house and viewed his interaction with the police as a victim of law enforcement racial profiling. His anger was drawn from his thoughts of black racial profiling and racism rights. Gates communicated in all of the wrong ways by starting a racial profiling debate during his encounter with the police. Author Abdussabur said, "like President Barack Obama, I was not there either. However, I know the accidents of facts that lead to Gates arrest. I wrote about it in my new book."

In A Black Man's Guide To Law Enforcement In America, Lesson 3: Street Lawyer Using Proper Etiquette When You are Speaking to Police, author Shafiq R. Fulcher Abdussabur writes, "if a citizen became loud and rowdy with the officer, it will most likely lead to the officer arresting the citizen for disorderly conduct or interfering with a police investigation." Abdussabur goes on to write. "Remember, in most cases, you will come out fine during almost any non-felony-related stop as long as you are courteous and polite. Don't try to be cute or a smart mouth, even if your parent or relative is a police officer, or your father is the Chief of Police, or you are the Mayor's son. The bottom line is during a police investigation, the officer on scene will decide your fate based on his/her discretion and that will not be reviewed until a court date. By that time, you already will have been arrested, pepper sprayed or tazered. Some of you need to leave all of the homemade "street lawyer" debate for home or after the stop." Such was the case with the locked out of the house homeowner and well-educated Henry Louis Gates.

The incident spiraled out of control when President Obama put his two cents in, saying that "the cops acted stupidly." However, what Gates and President Obama do not realize is that when it comes to getting into confrontations with the police, the only status that matters is "who is a cop and who is not." Even though Gates holds the title of the "25 Most Influential Americans," he was still no match for the tin man. Author Shafiq Abdussabur said, "had Gates been able to read just Lesson 3 of my book, it would have saved both he and the President Obama a lot of time, money and energy rather than stirring up a national debate on racial profiling cases."

Abdussabur's latest book, A Black Man's Guide To Law Enforcement In America, not only deals with the tough issues about racial profiling. This dynamic book also gives tough love instructions for those who think they have been victims of racial ethnic profiling, but only to realize that they just where poor communicators. Though President Barack Obama came out with strong remarks about his observations about law enforcement racial profiling, it did not matter because professor Gate's arrests photos had already been plastered across the internet. Henry "Skip" Gates tried to regain his status by appearing on CNN's Black In America 2 in a 911 racial profiling debate to give his police report version of the circumstances of his arrest. If he is truly serious about finding solutions on how to stop racial profiling, he must know that tough talk and high profile interviews on Black In America 2 with Soledad O'Brien will not alone change racial profiling in USA.

Author Shafiq R. Fulcher Abdussabur said, "I can understand President Barack Obama wanting to stick up for his friend Henry Louis "Skip" Gates. However, President Obama's staff should shield him from being baited into opening a national racial profiling discrimination Pandora's box over an isolated incident involving one of his colleagues during a legitimate criminal police stop. There are bigger issues at hand that plague both national law enforcement agencies and the minority communities. Issues revolving around racial profiling will not just go away because of someone Is Not Acting Stupidly. It will take a process of educating both the police and the communities of color on racial profiling solutions that could eventually end racial profiling. A Black Man's Guide To Law Enforcement In America takes the reader on an educational voyage behind the Great Blue Wall of law enforcement and gives them a first hand look at the real issues between police and people of color.

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