GenScript Centralizes BioProcess Services for Optimum Protein Expression

Piscataway,, New Jersey (PressExposure) November 13, 2008 -- International contract research organization GenScript Corporation has upgraded its BioProcess service platform, adding transient gene expression (TGE), stable cell line development, process development and transfer, and large-scale protein production to its centralized biology processing pipeline. GenScript anticipates that this service will appeal to both academic institutions engaged in life science research and companies engaged in industrial drug development.

GenScript TGE is both quicker and less costly than stable cell line development: GenScript employs proprietary 293 and CHO suspension systems to produce gram quantities of recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody from large-quantity medium supernatant within four to five weeks. The process involves the serum-free cell culture condition, which may facilitate downstream applications.

In GenScript stable cell line development, parental cells satisfying the production requirements are identified from a selection of 293, CHO, BHK, and NS0 cells. The growth of the primary clones is also tested for productivity and adaptability in serum-free suspension culture to identify the cell line having the most optimal traits. The genetic and production stabilities are also tested under different conditions in the presence and absence of selected agents. Moreover, the stable cell line can be linked with GenScript's OptimumGene™ gene synthesis technology, CloneEZ™ cloning technology, vector design and construction, as well as many downstream protein purification and characterization assays including SDS-PAGE, IEF, HPLC, ELISA, affinity, ion exchange, and gel filtration chromatography.

The process development and transfer service involves optimization and transformation of the cell lines toward large-scale protein production. GenScript takes the growth media and feeding strategies into consideration to study cell line stability and enhance cell culture productivity and protein quality. In addition, analyses of growth rate, subcultivation ratios, cell mass, and specific and volumetric productivity levels using productivity-enhancing conditions can be used to predict the cell line performance.

GenScript offers large-scale protein production, filling orders of up to one kilogram in bacteria, yeast, baculovirus-insect, and mammalian cell expression systems using fermentors, Wave™ mixers, and bioreactors.

GenScript Corporation is a reliable outsourcing partner providing a wide array of services to augment all stages of the drug discovery and biological reagent manufacturing processes, including high-quality gene synthesis and cloning, custom protein expression and purification, custom peptide synthesis and antibody development, custom stable cell line development, and a wide selection of biological reagents to life science researchers in industrial and academic settings. GenScript Corporation is headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey.

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