GenScript Launches Peptide Library Screening Tools For Peptide-Based Drug Discovery

Piscataway, New Jersey (PressExposure) February 06, 2009 -- International contract research organization (CRO) GenScript Corporation has added a set of peptide library screening tools to its peptide-based drug discovery platform. These protocols are suitable for both protein epitope mapping and peptide sequence optimization.

The ability to quickly and efficiently screen large numbers of compounds can be essential to modern drug discovery projects. One way to accomplish this is peptide screening, which involves epitope mapping, sequence optimization, and sequence stabilization. Epitope mapping requires the construction of overlapping peptide libraries, which can be customized by adjusting the fragment length and offset number for the optimum balance between low costs and high data value.

In addition to overlapping peptide libraries, GenScript offers five additional systematic peptide library screening service protocols featuring different strategies for sequence optimization: Alanine peptide libraries reveal the importance of individual amino acid residue toward epitope activity. Truncation peptide libraries predict the minimum amino acid length retaining the epitope activity. Positional scanning peptide libraries show the effect of other natural amino acid substitutes at certain positions. Random peptide libraries randomly substitute selected residues with all other natural amino acids. Finally, through sequence permutation, scrambled peptide libraries produce a high degree of changeability. These libraries are designed to present a manageable degree of variability so that the peptide sequence best fitting the needs of the customer's downstream application can be selected.

The selected peptide sequences generated through virtual peptide library screening tools can be passed directly to GenScript's online ordering system for actual synthesis. In addition, GenScript plans to incorporate peptide sequence stabilization into its repertoire of drug discovery support services.

GenScript Corporation is a reliable outsourcing partner providing a wide array of services to augment all stages of the drug discovery and biological reagent manufacturing processes, including high-quality gene synthesis and cloning, custom protein expression and purification, custom peptide synthesis and antibody development, custom stable cell line development, and a wide selection of biological reagents to life science researchers in industrial and academic settings. GenScript Corporation is headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey.

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