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Benidorm, Spain (PressExposure) December 31, 2009 -- Pushing the frontiers of education could place Mediterranean Spain at the sharp edge of educational innovation. The recent investiture of Benidorm, Marbella and Mallorca Universities' heralds an approach that places emphasis on appropriate learning. The aim is to provide graduates with the skills to react to a rapidly changing world insatiable for talent and enterprise.

The focus of each will be to provide essential components of Spanish prosperity and economic security; real estate and the hospitality industry. The University's Swiss founder, Dr. Edward Schellhammer, firmly believes that graduation should be based on an education that embraces learning reflective of shifting world values. Nothing better illustrates the revolutionary aspects of the noted academic's approach than his scholastic career to date.


The university partnership's courses open up prospects of significant career advancement through national and regional government positions. These are complementary to lucrative status-based careers in real estate and the hospitality service industries. Each of the university's screening, introduction and learning programs are based on a changing world reliant on innovation, understanding, and application.

The privately funded academies offer three educational programs; Diploma, Bachelor and Further Education. The Bachelor Program complies fully with the Treaty of Bologna's educational requirements and curriculum standards. The belief is that the cutting edge of education is to see 'crisis' as the challenge to confront change and to adapt in order to provide an appropriate response to a forward looking world.


Spain will benefit primarily as each university's focus is on the hitherto neglected real estate and hospitality industries. Spain, proven to be the continent's burgeoning California of Europe, has not kept pace with competing world regions. It has a plethora of unsold properties, a poor reputation in regard to compliance with EU directives; and weakness in infrastructure accountability and management.

It is now better recognised that these crucial industries are vulnerable to more futuristic competing destinations. Addressing Spain's most pressing needs and timed to fill the vacuum of skills knowledge, courses include: future lifestyle and climate change, hunger, famine, and global catastrophe; addressing population growth related problems such as the acquisition of sustainable water and food production.


Agriculture and food production is yet another area in which Spain's response has been patchy in application. In addition healthcare educational opportunity is intended to meet the sharp edge of medical service standards. Benidorm University's Business link-up will ensure a commercial identity partnership that will benefit students, graduates and 'mother' industries.

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