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Phoenix, Arizona (PressExposure) September 03, 2008 -- Advertising is one of the major costs incurred by every company. Proper selection of advertising media should be carefully planned. A well informed advertiser can avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong advertising technique. It is not enough that you have good pricing for your products and services. Having quality products may not be enough to increase sales if not advertised to its target markets. Ad Business Card ([]) suggests these criteria in choosing the appropriate advertising media:

Can I reach out to my target clients?

What is the extent of reach of the advertising media?

How much should I spend for the cost of advertising?

How long does the ad will be viewed or read by my target market? Following these simple guidelines will ensure that your advertising strategies will be successful. The higher the cost of advertising would not mean that you will achieve the expected sales or returns. Efficiency of each advertising campaign should be closely monitored since the cost of maintaining a long term ad campaign is always a problem of companies and entrepreneurs. These problems can now be eliminated with the introduction of new and unique advertising strategies of Ad Business Card. This kind of advertisement can be availed of by anybody. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to the Fortune 500 companies or an ordinary businessman or simply a professional who want to reach out to new or existing clients. Ad Business Card offers advertisements at the back of business cards. The advertisements are integrated into the business cards of companies or individuals offering related services. The advertisements does not compete with the products or services offered by the business card owner. This is very effective since you are targeting the exact market segment for your products and services. If the business card owner is an interior designer, he will be giving these cards to clients who may also need services such as landscaping or in need of home furnishings and so on. So, an advertiser of landscaping services will definitely get clients from these ads. Another benefit of choosing business cards as a means of promoting products and services is its savings that an advertiser will generate. An advertisement on the back of a business card will only cost the advertising company as low as $.03 cents per ad. This is the most affordable method of advertising as compared to other media such as T.V., radio and newspapers. Advertisers on Ad Business Card are also assured of quality prospects and clients. With the continuous and warm support of many companies and other business minded individuals, advertisements on Ad Business Card continue to increase. This is an indicator that more companies are convinced of the results of advertising on business cards and what it can bring to them. They continue to receive good feedback from this unique advertising campaign. Ad Business Card also gives free business cards. Companies and individuals will just send their information about their product or service offerings. The site will take care of the rest. The design and printing of these business cards are handled by the company so the client requesting for a free business card will not encounter any problem. You can now promote your business for FREE. So the next time you are in need of business cards, or you want to find new and effective method of advertising, a visit to the site ( is absolutely worthwhile.

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