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Bath, MO (PressExposure) May 17, 2009 -- Now you too can have the iPhone 3G absolutely free of cost. Seems quite deceiving doesn’t it? There is bound to be some or the other hidden contract or clause behind this free iPhone. Well, no matter what you think about the offer, it surely is not just a smart marketing gimmick. And you can actually get the iPhone for no cost at all.

But how do you claim this free iPhone? There is nothing much that you need to do to get your free iPhone. Just go through three simple steps and you will have this absolutely tech savvy device for free. Sign up on the website, complete an offer and refer others. In these three steps, you will be able to get yourself a free iPhone. Now that is quite simple indeed.

But like many others, you would still want to know why someone else would pay for your iPhone. Actually, there is no one doing any charity by giving you a free iPhone. When you sign up for a free iPhone on, the website gets cashback on your behalf from many companies. These companies pay cashback for every single person you refer on the website. However, it is important that all your referrals must use or try some product of the company.

But do not worry; these products are not that expensive. Some of these products are absolutely cheap. Though none of the offers exceeds £10 or so, the LoveFilm free trail is the best option that you have. This special offer is absolutely free of cost and you also get to watch your favorite movies. So as your referrals go about purchasing products of the given company, the cashback amount keeps on getting collected in your account. And ultimately this amount is used to buy you a free iPhone. So you see, it is no charity but a smart business plan where everyone involved in the process benefits.

The plan of giving away free iPhone is actually a lot cheaper for companies than running a full fledge advertising campaign. When you refer people on the website, these referrals obviously get to know about the company in question. Further on, these referrals even opt for various company products and offers. Thus, the company gets a lot more exposure. Moreover, many of the potential customers are even converted into actual ones.

Though this entire process may seem a little complicated, it is not. The area where you may experience slight difficulty would be in giving referrals. Well, to start with, you can convince your family and friends to sign in and opt for one of the offers. This way you will at least get started with the path that will gradually lead you to your free iPhone. Or you can advertise the referral link on your Facebook account or even on your blog.

There is absolutely nothing to beat the feeling of owning an iPhone 3G. And this feeling accelerates to undefined boundaries when you get this gadget for free. Just three quick steps and you get your free iPhone. And those of you, who still think it is a scam, should go ahead and give a try to the process. And I bet you are going to appreciate your decision for the rest of your life.

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So you see, it is no charity but a smart business plan where everyone involved in the process benefits.

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