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, (PressExposure) April 24, 2009 -- WDC Media News -- Someone you know is diabetic. In fact, maybe you’re living with this disease. The sad truth is that in just one generation diabetes has come one of our nation’s most serious epidemics. National studies tells us that some 24 million Americans are afflicted with diabetes, and 33 percent of children born after 2001 are expected to become diabetic.

As a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, I deal on a regular basis with individuals battling type 2 diabetes, so I have gained a lot of insights on why this disease has reached such epidemic proportions—and the simple steps you can take to co ntrol the onset of type 2 diabetes, and even reverse its progression.

First let’s discuss why so many Americans suffer with diabetes. The answer is simple: For too many of us, processed foods have become a major part of our diets, and as a result we consume far too much refined sugar and fat. Let’s face it! Junk food is standard fare just about anywhere you go, and this—in addition to our sedentary lifestyles of television, computer surfing, and too little exercise—is wreaking havoc on the health of millions of Americans.

The good news is that you can reverse these unhealthy, dangerous trends that can be huge factors in the onset and progression of type 2 diabetes. It’s really as simple as controlling your body’s release of insulin, the hormone your body produces to regulate the levels of energy-generating glucose in your blood.

Here are five simple steps you can take to make this happen:

1. Minimize the use of grains, even whole grains. The reason for=2 0this is that even when cooked, whole grains are high in starch and will cause a spike in your sugar levels, causing your body to need to dump more insulin.

2. Cook with extra-virgin coconut oil. This is the most stable of oils at high temperatures, and will not turn to transfat—a deadly, toxic form of fat. Coconut oil has many benefits that regular vegetable oil is missing: It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial, and although it is a saturated fat, it is a healthy fat that will not promote clogging in your arteries.

3. Use extra-virgin olive oil. No, olive oil is not just for Italian, Greek, and Mediterranean cuisine. In fact, you should make it a regular part of your diet. Mix extra-virgin olive oil with lemon juice or even vinegar as a salad dressing, or use it as a flavorful alternative to butter in vegetables or over pasta. In addition, studies have shown that vinegar can help slash blood sugar levels, so feel free to add it to olive oil in salads, or to add some zest to other dishes.

4. Make avocados a regular part of your diet. We all need good fats in our diets, a nd avocados are one of the best sources of healthy fat. As a between-meal snack, blended to make a delicious guacamole, or added to salads, you just can’t beat the avocado as a healthy—and naturally delicious—addition to your diet. Not only do avocados help lower cholesterol levels, but they can also aid in the slow release of sugars in your body, which is crucial to controlling insulin levels.

5. Get plenty of exercise. Quite honestly, exercise is one of the best ways to get your insulin levels under control. Even if it’s just thirty minutes a day, get moving! Jumping or doing simple calisthenics while you watch TV or listen to music is a great way to keep your mind busy while moving your body. You will get your blood circulating, get the toxins stirred up to be carried out, and you’ll increase your energy level to boot! I also recommend a stretching routine such as yoga or pilates 3 times per week if possible. This will help to keep you flexible and youthful. In addition, the breathing associated with yoga or pilates will cause your body to become more calm and since stress is another major component to diabetes, this is particularly important. I recommend some form of stretching each day, and if you can incorporate yoga=2 0or pilates perhaps 3 times per week, even better!

You simply do not have to be a statistic in what is one of America’s most preventable epidemics. Through sound diet and regular exercise you can control the onset of type 2 diabetes, reverse its progression, and enjoy God’s blessing of good health.

(The information and advice included in this article are not to be considered medical advice. Always consult with a physician or health professional for specific treatment for any health or physical condition.)

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