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Chandigarh, India (PressExposure) November 21, 2009 -- The publishers of books may consider the Internet to be a mixed blessing. The Internet is extremely useful in their marketing of the books published by their company. On the other hand thanks to the extensive usage of PDF for getting downloadable books on the Internet people are not really bothering about going to a publishing company. Have you written downloadable books? That means you are an expert in some particular field.

A downloadable books means you know how to help people just by giving them some tips which they can implement in their own lives. It can either be in the form of business tips or personal tips. The idea is that you are giving the reader some guidance. It depends upon him whether he implements your guidelines and tips or not. Once all those important tips have been gathered there was a time when you would go around looking for a publisher to publish them. That book would be published 3 years from now depending upon the publisher. But you do not have to worry now. All you have to do is look for good Software like primo PDF and put your book in an e-book form.

Once downloadable books are online you do not have to worry about anything like getting your publisher to market it for you. You are not going to destroy thousands of trees just to get enough of wood pulp to make the paper for printing those books. E-books forms are extremely cheap because you are only going to be using a number of electronic bits in the making of your e-book. So that is the reason why a number of once frustrated authors can be really glad to see their books in print but not in hard copy but as cheap e-book and free self help eBooks

Free self help eBooks and downloadable books are extremely popular cheap eBook because you might just have to expend a couple of dollars to get really good advice on some subject you are quite interested in. Now for example you are sick and tired of getting conflicting advice on diets. But you know about a person who has done really good pioneering work on losing weight. He has written a free self help eBooks and downloadable books. His book in printed form is selling for about USD25 on the bookshelves. On the other hand, he is giving out e-book copies on the Internet for anywhere between USD2-USD3. What are you going to do? You will naturally choose to buy their free self help eBooks and cheap eBook would not you?

So if you are still worried about not getting a book in hard copy go on the Internet and look for it in cheap eBook form. Good luck!

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