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, - (PressExposure) January 17, 2009 -- With over 150 articles to her credit on Ezinearticles alone (resulting in over 80,000 views), one might think that Nicole Munoz is a woman with a lot of time on her hands. This is simply not the case. I like to think of her as the busy worker aunt tirelessly and lovingly building up her nest.

Nicole is so much more than what the surface shows, although what you see is quite amazing. When you look at the long list of amazing credentials, you'd think Ms. Munoz to be a high powered corporate CEO. While she earned a Bachelor's degree in teaching Math and English, she also earned a minor in Spanish. Perhaps it was a telltale sign of things to come, for Nicole wound up leaving the comfort of home in the United States to help the poor and disadvantaged in Puebla, Mexico.

Truth be told, this was a dream Nicole held onto from the age of 19, when she visited Mexico to work as a missionary the summer between her freshman and sophomore year in college. From that time on, it became a high priority to return to the small towns of Mexico to build churches and improve the lives of others in whatever way she could. Well, she certainly has done that over the years.

In 2001, when Nicole and her husband made the bold move to Puebla, it was the 4th largest city in the country of Mexico. Today it is the 3rd largest. Upon their arrival, they immediately set out to start a church. The first year didn't produce many results, but within five years they purchased their own church building which now serves 120 members on a regular basis.

If serving her parishioners were not enough to keep Nicole busy, you would certainly think that being mom to 6 lively children would eat up her very limited time. But Nicole seems to have a never ending stream of energy and creativity that demands to be put to good use. Years ago, in an effort to maintain the ties to old friends, Nicole asked her husband to show her how to make her own webpage. From there, a star was born. With her interest sparked, Nicole sought out information in the form on an ebook that cost a whopping $50. With the demands of a growing family, that was a hefty price to pay just to learn about yahoo stores. But the investment paid off in a huge way.

Opening the first of her three online companies (which she still owns and operates, by the way) was a process that Nicole gave herself to wholeheartedly. She researched the products that would be sold on her site and made all the arrangements necessary to get up and going. Her initial hopes were that her budding business would bring in a little extra cash each month that the family could play with. Well, thanks to following what she had learned from her initial ebook investment, her hopes were quickly surpassed and her company was bringing in more than five thousand each month!

Such "humble beginnings" and such an adventurous life belong to an amazing woman. Nicole Munoz now encourages and teaches internet marketers all over the world who have been inspired by her story. Keep up the good work, Nicole! It is much appreciated!

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