Ghost Hunting at Warmsworth Hall, Doncaster, With Simply Ghost Nights 2nd December 2011

Yorkshire, England United Kingdom (PressExposure) November 07, 2011 -- Join Simply Ghost Nights as we will be hosting a paranormal investigation at this very popular venue of Warmsworth Hall in Doncaster, which has become a firm favourite with ghost hunters in the UK. It is said some of the staff at the nearby hotel are so afraid to step into the building at night; they simply hand over the keys at the end of their shift, and quickly return to the comfort and safety of the nearby hotel.

On our last visit we were amazed when using one of the Frank boxes (ghost box) while calling out, while at the same time pointing the thermal laser gun at the motion sensor in trying to tempt spirit activity, but what happened next put shivers down the whole group. On calling out "can you see the red light", which was from the thermal laser gun, a disembodied voice came through from the Franks box and said, "Yes it's pretty". The entire group that heard that voice, will never forget what they heard that night.

There was an incident prior to the event beginning that must be mentioned, whilst Rosey was preparing the buffet alone in the room adjoining the main hall, she was suddenly stunned and frightened when the door leading to the kitchen literally slammed shut with such ferocity that Ian and Stuart who were setting up the live streaming equipment at the other end of the building, thought a door near them had in fact been kicked, when they checked to see if anyone had indeed kicked the door they found no one insight. After about ten minutes Rosey walked over to where Ian and Stuart were, with fear in her eyes, and a trembling voice she said that the door that had slammed shut, had actually been closed, on inspection we all noted that this incident could not been caused by the wind, we attempted to replicate the occurrence but try as we might we could not as the door was quite heavy and solid. Could the door have been opened and then slammed forcefully by the invisible hands of some poltergeist.

Initially there was mixed reports from the team leaders regarding spirit communication with some experiencing various levels of activity, some vigils were described as flat, other groups reported the ghostly goings on were on an epic scale such as glass divination, table tipping and some K2 spikes, as we always state it's not upto us if the spectral side want to entertain or not.

However as the energies heightened during the event so did the paranormal activity on a much larger scale. Michelle a regular paranormal investigator was shocked to feel the bracelet on her ankle ,slip to the floor the floor Michelle said that the bracelet had not been off her ankle in three years, did the unseen hands of a playing spirit child unclip her beloved bracelet. In Steven's group they were entertained by the spirit child by the name of Holly, when holding a séance, this experience touched the majority of the group such as Jane, Emily, Sally, and Chris. Jane later reflected on the encounter and stated on how it had affected her emotionally, as she had never encountered anything like this before as it was her first ghost hunt, but definitely not her last.

With so much activity how could we miss the opportunity to hold another paranormal investigation at this beautiful location on the 2nd December 2011the Simply Ghost Nights team at Warmsworth, Doncaster, and Yorkshire if you dare.

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