Glass And Bouteille Plastique (Plastic Bottles) Are Necessary Packing Materials

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) June 30, 2011 -- The companies set up in India have big responsibilities as the glass bottle producing companies. These bottles have a unique type of production and involve big money pertaining to production and man work and machines. The expense of making glass bottles is way too high as compared to the plastic bottles. High maintenance temperature and highly equipped materials are included in the productions. It involves processes like molding and annealing where utmost care has to be taken in the industries. They are generally tall containers with varies bottleneck depending upon the items t be stored. Both plastic bottles and the glass have the varieties as said.

The bouteilles verre [] (glass bottles) are made in automated machines which have number of series of events taking place before finally a perfect mold of glass in the liquid form is prepared. Then through compression of air and annealing gives the desired shape to the bottle. The glass bottles of wine, rum, water, syrups, medicines, creams etc differ from shape to shape. Rarely can two bottles have similarities in the international market. Plastic bottles are made with polyethylene, polypropylene and poly vinyl chloride. They are mainly made for cold drinks that are packed in huge liters of bottles. But particularly, the cold drink and soda bottles are made from poly ethylene terephalate (PET).

These enable the carbonated liquid to with hold the carbon inside and do not allow it to escape easily. These bottles have specific packing schemes as well. There are in major four types of packing involved. These differ in variety of plastic resins with regards to appearance chemical compatibility, functional use, and the most important price. The different types of bouteille plastique [] (plastic bottles) and glass ones as follows- PET bottles, P/P bottles, PVC bottles, type I bottles, type II bottles, type III bottles and the NP bottles which are least used in the industries.

Glass and plastic bottles can be reused and recycled. The former ones are reused with refilled water or other fluid after thorough washes. While the latter are used after recycling again for the same use like packing soda, drinks etc. the reusing helps in non-consumption of high degrees of fuels and heat in re-processing. The already made bottles have to be melted at lower temperatures and reused. The resubmission of bottles are done in some countries like US were giving back the bottles will make you ear $5 and more.

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