Global Anticoccidial Drugs Market In Animal Health - Competitive Landscape

Hyderabad, India (PressExposure) May 14, 2015 -- Coccidiosis is an infection of the intestinal tract caused by a single cell parasite. All livestock species, as well as wild animals, can be infected and it is especially prevalent when animals or birds are grouped together in significant numbers. Any drug used to combat the progression of coccidiosis in birds or animals, both food producing and non-food producing are termed as anticoccidials.

Coccidiosis over the period of the past 20 years has become one of the most costly diseases to beat and has affected the global poultry and meat market, causing losses of millions of dollars. The market for anticoccidials consists mainly of coccidiostatic and coccidiocidal drugs, the former being used to prevent coccidian infection from ensuing in animals and the latter being used to treat infected animals.

The anticoccidials market is set to grow faster than the antibiotic market in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India, Mexico etc., due to the increased incidence of coccidiosis in food producing animals and companion animals. This can be associated to the fact that if coccidiosis is identified in one animal in a farm it is then recommended to treat the whole population for coccidiosis irrespective of the fact that the rest of the population shows symptoms for the disease or not.

With the market currently saturated in the developing markets, current focus of the major players has shifted to the likes of South America and Asia Pacific. Market leaders are currently eyeing the up and coming companies in these regions with view to acquire them or a possible agreement as a mode to enter the untapped market.

One such company which is making strides in the South American region is Ouro Fino Saude Animal. It is considered to be one of leading animal healthcare companies in the Brazil region. Their products include antimicrobials, anti-parasites, vaccines, anti-coccidial drugs, etc. They are a major presence in the South American region with operations extending to the untapped markets of Africa and Asia.Recently they have been in the news for they have started their first IPO in a bid to generate revenue. This was the first IPO in Brazil for 2014. This IPO was a result of the economic and political uncertainties in Brazil. Considering their presence in the African market, this company can be considered a very good target for those who are planning to enter the untapped markets of the developing regions.

Like these companies, there are many others which are on the rise in the South American, African and the Asian market and are hot prospects for those who are planning to enter the developing markets to make their presence felt. With the increasing coccidial related problems in these regions, these companies are manufacturing drugs to prevent this spread. Global players and new entrants planning to enter the market can work out some agreement with these local companies and make their entry into the animal healthcare segment of the emerging markets.

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