Global Domains International Changes Industry Rules Offers Work from Home Opportunities

Winter Springs, FL (PressExposure) November 09, 2009 -- Up until now all major players who controlled and owned the issuing of website domain extensions such as the dot com's and the dot org's all controlled their monopoly with locked doors. By not letting private individuals any way to share in their billion dollar industry other than buying a domain name from them, but buying a domain extension to set up your own website is not sharing in this big pie. Now enter the picture Global Domains International Inc. who is also an exclusive holder of the latest domain extension Dot WS. But that is where the similarity to all the other holders of exclusive rights to grant the usage of domain extensions ends.

The solution that Global Domains International has brought to the individual was opening the door to let any individual who wishes to join Global Domains International without investment or selling anything and promotes various opportunities to make significant money by way of Global Domains International's new Dot WS extension. The benefits to the individual is unique and has the potentially to make a new significance source of income for struggling Americans. Global Domains International has already made every day individuals a significant new source of income that has been noted and verified in public information. Global Domains International is listed in Forbes magazine as a top 500 company.

Of all the corporations around the globe that has exclusive right to issue use of Dot WS domain extensions it is Global Domains International that is the only exclusive issuer of Dot WS domain extensions that are promoting any kind of income opportunity with residual income allowing the individual to take part in the current billion dollar industry without any need to sell or be a sales person or build websites. Of all the other Dot issuers it seems they were all caught off guard or perhaps it is to late for other Dot Com's and individuals to get involved in other Dot com company sponsored work from home opportunities were not viable because all the domains are already reserved and not available, such as the Dot Com it is difficult to reserve any significant name at this time as none are available.

But Global Domains International's Dot WS it still wide open and with Global Domains International 100% no charge to sign up to participate with there program and anyone can sign up, all again looks to be a first found anywhere in the world. Global recession, layoffs, cut backs, shrinking dollar, and retirement savings all going downward, and other opportunities and employers closing doors, it is Global Domains International the Forbes 500 listed company that has legitimate work from home opportunities that offers residual income even after you no longer participate with Global Domains International. Currently Microsoft, Dell computers are multi million and billion dollar corporations but at one time unknown and opportunities were there for individuals who saw the potential and got on board early. There are thousands of people all over the globe signing on to Global Domains International's offer to become independent and earn extra income, but it appears that the opportunity door may close soon.

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