Global and China Plastic Injection Molding Machine Industry Report, 2010-2011

Beijing, Zhong Guo (PressExposure) July 21, 2011 -- In 2010, global plastic injection molding machine industry bottomed out and presented rapid growth. Sales of plastic injection molding machine exceeded RMB20 billion in China and consistently ranked the first place in the world. Meanwhile, export value of plastic injection molding machine in Germany increased by 55.2% and reached EUR593 million; output of plastic injection molding machine in Japan doubled to 12,000 units. Besides, plastic injection molding machine industry in America and Italy also witnessed recovery.

As the largest production and consumption base of plastic injection molding machine worldwide, China performed extraordinarily in 2010, with output & sales volume increasing by nearly 40% and import & export value growing by over 70% year on year. The main reasons were as follows: firstly, under the sound economic development in China, downstream industries including automobile, home appliance, building materials and plastic package strongly recovered; secondly, capacities were quickly released stimulated by the order boom; thirdly, with the improvement of foreign trade conditions, exports picked up.

This report not only analyzes the status quo of global and China plastic injection molding machine industry, but also lays emphasis on the development course and current situation of all-electric injection molding machine and two-plate injection molding machine.

With advantages in energy efficiency and environmental protection, all-electric injection molding machine is widely used in Japan and European countries. The representative enterprises include Nissei, Sumitomo and Fanuc. China's all-electric injection molding machine industry started relatively late, however, influenced by the energy conservation policy, it has been warmly welcomed by the market in the recent years. As of 2010, there were more than 10 enterprises engaged in R&D and manufacturing of all-electric injection molding machine in China. For instance, Haitian International Holdings Limited, The Chen Hsong Group, Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Borch Machinery Co., Ltd, GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Sound Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. etc.

Two-plate injection molding machine has a development history for more than a decade worldwide especially in European countries, America and Japan. In China, three-plate injection molding machine is widely used whereas two-plate injection molding machine is at the initial stage of development.

In addition, this report analyses the competition pattern of plastic injection molding machine industry in China, and highlights the operation of 14 key global and Chinese enterprises.

Haitian International Holdings Limited is the largest plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in China and even in the world. In 2010, its sales volume of injection molding machine achieved 30 thousand units and realized the sales of RMB7.057 billion. Injection machine of Mars series contributed the most and its sales reached RMB4.83 billion, up 132% YoY.

The Chen Hsong Group mainly concentrates on the manufacturing of large & medium plastic injection molding machines, accounting for over 50% of the total production. In FY2010, subject to the declined demand of automobile and home appliance, it had a bad performance on sales. In FY2011, stimulated by the growth of downstream demand, sales of large & medium plastic injection molding machines gained recovery and further drove the sales of the company. In Mar. 2011, Chen Hsong Group was authorized by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co. Ltd. to manufacture and sell large two-plate injection molding machine in mainland China as well as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, which would further enhance the competitiveness in large scale injection molding machine of the Chen Hsong Group.

L.K. Technology Holdings Limited, one of the key enterprises in plastic injection molding machine industry in China, obtained significant development in three major business fields including plastic injection molding machine, die casting machine and CNC in FY2011. As of FY2011, benefited from the recovery of electronics and toy markets, its sales were up 84.8% year on year, wherein the sales of plastic injection molding machine increased 119% YoY.

Focusing on the manufacturing of high precision injection molding machine, Guangzhou Borch Machinery Co., Ltd keeps strengthening its new product development ability in recent years. In 2010, at the Chinaplas exhibition, it introduced BS series injection molding machine and BE all-electric injection molding machine. And in 2011, it launched new products including four-color plastic injection molding machine, large scale two-plate injection molding machine, mini foaming machine and in mold labeling machine at the Chinaplas exhibition.

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