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Telford, PA (PressExposure) October 21, 2009 -- Marketing deals with a lot more than just the sale itself. Every piece of marketing you send out is going to be to an extent a representation of you and your company.

People are going to make their judgments based on that fact. Now, while this applies to any form of marketing, I am going to go with a more specific example for this article, and discuss business card printing.

I think color business cards offer a great view of going for more than just a sale, not because of what exactly you put on your business cards, but because of the way a business card is handed to a person.

Quite often, I engage in a lengthy conversation with someone before I ever see his or her card. Whether are a trade show or just casual conversation on the street, I am likely to talk to someone for a few minutes at least before they get around to handing their card to me.

The impression they make on me will have a big impact on the way I view their card and their company.

This is where going beyond the sale becomes so important. The more focused you are on just generating more money from revenue the more this will come across when talking to people. I have to say, I hate it when I can practically see a person staring at my wallet in eager anticipation. I am talking literally, of course, but figuratively based on the way they converse with me.

They talk about nothing but how great it would be for me if I bought something from them. They try to make it sound as if I simply need to buy something to make my life better.

Sometimes I want to know more about a company before I commit to anything. I want to know whether these people are going to be able to do a good job, and pushing a sale does not tell me anything about that. In fact, it only makes me think that they only care about money, so I cannot trust them to do the best job possible.

The reason why I referred to business card printing is because of the way I view the company is going to have an impact on the way I view the company and whether or not I trust them. Applying this to other marketing approaches, if all your brochure does is try to push the sale without any concern for whether your product would really be good for your company, you'll find it turning more people away from you than anything else.

Never let yourself become so focused on the sale you stop caring about the people who are going to provide you with that sale. Marketing isn't just about pushing people to give you more money, but to make them aware of your company, and what a great job you can do for them.

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