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Telford, PA (PressExposure) July 23, 2009 -- Testimonials are very significant elements in your marketing campaign. The testimonials you have in your marketing collaterals like brochures can help you gain new clients.

When your prospects see that actual people have benefited from your brand of customer service, they would also be convince to buy your product or avail of your service. Whether you are marketing or selling your products and services, testimonials coming from your most loyal and satisfied customers can go a long way in convincing your prospects of your worth.

It has been proven that people in general tend to imitate the actions made by their peers. Moreover, consumers often follow those that are within their category. Hence, if a prospect feels that your product or service has provided your clients with satisfaction, then he or she can also get the same thing from your business.

Generating new leads is easy if you can reflect a testimonial that proves how many customers you have made comfortable with your services. When target clients read a certain level of comfort from your testimonials, then you would not have a hard time convincing them to try out your business.

So how do you get effective testimonials for your printing brochures? You can start with these techniques:

Always use real people.

More than celebrities, your printed brochures can benefit if you put more of the real people who actually tried your offer and gained from doing so. Full names then are a must when you print your testimonials. Do not put John Doe or any other names that can elicit doubt and suspicion. Remember that what you want to achieve with your collaterals are trust and reliability that you can only get if you are ready to give only the truth and nothing but the truth.

Emphasize on issues that your target clients can empathize.

Marketing is about concentrating on what your target clients want and not on what you want. Putting focus on one or two basic concerns in your testimonials, raising some issues that need to be solved can help you get sympathy and understanding from your audience. Testimonials ranging from your product's quality to your business' quality service can gain you more customers that you can ever imagine having.

Choose your testimonials based on your target market.

Get quotes from popular members of your local organization if that is your target market. Remember that people generally follow those that are in the same category as theirs; so be sure to provide testimonials that are apt to the particular market you are targeting.

Finally, emphasize your testimonials. In addition, put them all over when printing brochures. That way, your target clients would not have an excuse for not reading them.

Testimonials are great ways to re-invent your ineffective collaterals. By integrating testimonials to your marketing campaign, you will have better chances of generating leads to your business, which in turn can do wonders to the profits you earn.

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