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East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) October 05, 2009 -- No matter what kind of marketing you do, you always want to get straight to the point as fast as possible. Marketing is about getting people's attention as fast as you can and letting them know exactly what you are trying to tell them.

A confusing advertisement is the best way to get someone to stop wasting his or her time on you. I am not about to work to understand an advertisement. Call me selfish, but I have a sneaking suspicion I am not alone in this regard, either. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the company to get their message out in an easy to understand fashion so that I can find out what you are trying to say without having to go to any effort.

If you find your message getting a little more confusion than you want, you might want to force yourself to stay on topic by trying out postcard printing.

For companies who have an issue with simple messages postcards are the best means of correcting the problem. These types of advertising tools are so short you just cannot help but keep your message short. You do not have the room to talk too much around the issue.

Each postcard needs to have a very simple message. Look at most of the ones you have seen coming to your home. What are the topics? A sale is coming up, here is when it is, and here is where you can go. That's it. And that is exactly what your advertisements need to be like.

Only brochures give you the convenience of having a longer message, but do not let that confuse you into thinking you do not need to get right to the point as fast as you can. You might have more room, but then, you also need to have more to say.

Never pack too long of a message into a form of marketing that cannot handle it, and never try to stretch out a very basic message into a much longer form of advertising.

When you first start planning your next marketing move, ask yourself exactly what you are trying to tell people. Is it about a sale, a product release, maybe giving people details about your company, expanding your brand name, or something else? Each one of these is going to need a very specific type of marketing to best represent it.

Sales and product releases go well with postcard printing. Giving people details about your company will likely need something like brochures instead. Expanding your brand name might work well with posters or flyers.

The things to consider will always be what your message is and how long do you need to give it to people. That message should always be very basic and easy to understand. If you cannot say your message in a single sentence, odds are good you are getting too complicated.

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