Going High Tech with Poster Printing

Telford, PA (PressExposure) January 14, 2010 -- Who says poster printing is old school advertising? There are plenty of things you can do to make the poster printing process technological and very effective.

D o you want to know how to do it? Well, read on, and I will give you four simple ways to go high-tech with poster printing with the use of various high-tech tools.

• Digitally Enhanced Designs - First, if you do not know about this yet, you should realize that you could actually enhance your designs digitally. You may be using computers to layout your designs, but did you know that you could actually change and improve your very images and text through special effects and filters?

Applications like Adobe Photoshop can improve your color poster images by adjusting color values, lighting values and even adding filters, textures and shadows into the mix. In fact, you can even splice, merge and morph images and symbols together to get cool new types of images to work with. You can basically paint a completely new and more effective design based on your main image or photograph.

• Advanced Digital Printing - If you need fast color posters, or you need to test how a design looks by printing samples, then new advanced digital printers will be your friend. You do not need to wait to print samples for you. If you buy the right digital printer, you can actually print almost any size with the right kind of printer settings.

Digital printing is far faster than other printing techniques like offset printing since you do not need Special plates and setting up. Just have a nice digital file and you will be able to crank up the production line. It might not be the fastest printing for mass production, but it can be the fastest in terms of deployment since you can do this at home. So if you have the money and only need to print a couple of posters every so often, advanced digital printing through special printers should be okay.

• Special Printing Effects - Have you ever seen those color posters that have that special gleam or twinkle? Have you seen types with multiple layers, with one layer glossy and the other layer rough? If you have, then you have seen a couple of the special printing effects being offered now by printers. Multiple layer printing and special glittering inks are just two of the many types of special printing effects that you can avail of. Just ask your poster printing service if they have extra special printing effects that they can offer and see what looks best and original for you.

• Online Printing - Finally, one of the best techniques for high-tech printing is online printing. With this, you can quickly print high quality posters all from your home. With just a little online payment and the upload of your design, you will have a nice batch delivered to you at no apparent trouble. If you want no worry printing, online is the best high-tech tool you can use.

So who says color poster printing is a low-tech thing? There are plenty of very powerful technologies that can be used to produce them in very high quality. If you are creating your posters the old-fashioned way, why not try going for high-tech techniques now? This should give you better and more modern looking ads.

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Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in the poster printing industry and how these improvements benefit small to medium scale businesses.

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