Gold Vs Tungsten Vs Titanium

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) August 15, 2009 -- When it comes to durability, strength, and suitability for men's wedding ring, there are three types of wedding rings that couples could choose from, gold, titanium and tungsten. So why these three? Gold has long been used as a wedding ring, practically considering it as the traditional material for wedding rings. Titanium and tungsten, though newly introduced, have been known for their durability even before their use in titanium and tungsten jewelry. Which of these three is the best? A traditional material that has already proven its use as a wedding ring, or metals that have been popularly used for heavy applications?

The traditional material Gold has long been known as the primary material used to make wedding rings in the past. This is because of its long-lasting luster that perfectly conveys a sense of permanence for the marrying couples. Today, although materials for wedding rings became more diverse, gold wedding rings never lost their shine. For years, gold wedding rings have proven their long-lasting luster without fail. Although a gold wedding ring would eventually develop scratches due to outside elements, gold has been known to hold up its luster even if scratch-laden. The only problem that jewelers found with the use of gold is that it causes irritations and allergies.

It's long been known now that gold causes the majority of jewelry related skin irritations and allergies. This is usually because of nickel used to make the ring tougher. Although people rarely develop allergies to gold, there are still those that are affected by it. This is the reason why many people with sensitive skins avoid the use of any kind of gold jewelry, especially with wedding rings.

Heavy application wedding rings Titanium and tungsten have been known for their uses in heavy applications. Tungsten has been known to possess the highest melting point in all non-alloyed metals whereas titanium is known for its light weight which is usually suitable for aerospace particularly with jet engines, missiles, and spacecraft. Tungsten's main use was with high temperature applications such as with light bulb, cathode-ray tube, and vacuum tube filaments, heating elements, and rocket engine nozzles.

When it comes to titanium and tungsten jewelry, although both are known for their durability, jewelers have found several differences between the two, one of which is with weight. Titanium is known for its light weight, which could be advantageous for some people, but for others, being lightweight doesn't convey a clear sense of luxury. Tungsten, however, is known for its bulky features, particularly with its weight. This is the reason why many men would choose to buy tungsten rather than titanium. Another advantage is that tungsten jewelry is known for its hypoallergenic composition. The only advantage that titanium has with tungsten is that it possesses a natural silver color. Combined with its lightweight, it could also be used as a woman's wedding ring (although some women have also come to appreciate tungsten wedding rings).

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