Good Things to Do to Make Cheap Postcards Look Great

Telford, PA (PressExposure) November 02, 2009 -- Cheap postcards can usually be easily detected. A postcard printing company will usually only use the barest essentials in terms of materials and design to make it affordable to you.

It should be obvious in terms of appearance and the quality or printing in the postcard. If want to use these type of postcards for marketing though, then you are at an obvious this advantage. You cannot blame the company for this, since you just really get what you pay for.

Do not worry though since there are a couple of good things you can do to improve. Below are a few tips that you might find useful in achieving this.

• Improving its looks - To improve the appearance, you only just have to think of a way to make it different. You do not need to be a genius in art to achieve this. For example, you can simply analyze the prevailing color trends in the marketing scene and see what most people usually use. Find something that is opposite and different to that and you can already have a nice eye catching one in your hand.

Moreover, you can also try using new, emerging techniques in design and printing to make them look fresh. For example, you can try using different types of inks like chemical treated inks that glow, or that look like metal. You might also want to go high tech and attach small musical chips into your postcards. As long as you use something that is unique and different, you will not go wrong with improving the looks and impact of your marketing.

• Improving its message - To improve your message, you will have to compose your cover quite effectively. For the most part, a good photograph or graphic can solve it. Make sure that you always create multiple concept designs before actually deciding on a specific one. This should give you time to explore ideas and improve the overall message through the multiple concepts.

Make sure that you consult with lots of people before you settle on a final choice. The message should directly appeal to the receivers while simultaneously achieving your goals. All of this analysis only costs effort so you can easily improve the quality of your message without adding costs to your marketing campaign.

• Improving its material - Finally, to improve the actual material, what you can really do is to choose smartly. Of course, since you want, you cannot have everything, and you will have to focus on one single important aspect in your material when printing them.

So for example, if you need some moisture resistance since you are sending them over the winter, then you should invest in coated paper stocks. If you want them to last long though beyond winter, you might want to forgo the coating and just print thicker. Choosing at least one major material feature that suits your purpose should be a good balance between improving the material and reducing costs to printing.

Great! You can now improve your cheap postcards without too much sacrifice. Good Luck!

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