Government Encourages the Use of Electronic Health Records

Irvine, CA (PressExposure) March 30, 2011 -- Electronic health records are highly encouraged by the government and the government has implemented new rules for doctors and hospitals. Health care facilities and providers who use electronic health records have the incentive of collecting payments over the course of the next few years.

A representative of the US Department of Health and Human Services announced the new rules regarding the use of electronic health records which would encourage payments from Medicaid and Medicare to providers who use EHR. One of the rules specifies the standards required in electronic health record technology. This rule was designed to ensure the technology performs efficiently and performs all the necessary functions. The second law defines the objectives medical personnel must adhere to in order to qualify for the incentive payments.

The medical field has advanced quickly in the form of treatments for diseases and illnesses. Technology has enhanced the ability to improve the overall health of society as well as increase the various ways to treat the sick or injured. Unfortunately, this technology has not breached over into the management of health records as the majority of medical personnel rely on the traditional use of medical charts.

It is understandable the government is encouraging medical providers to use electronic health records as they are much more efficient. The efficiency of medical health records is much higher than traditional forms of records because all the information is contained in a computer program. Important information can be retrieved quickly such as drug allergies or medical history or conditions. This information can be critical when faced with a critically ill patient.

Another reason electronic health records are so useful is the information contained in the record can be shared with other medical personnel. Society is highly mobile today and if a family moves a doctor who uses electronic health records can easily forward this information efficiently to the new family practioner. This is effective as it saves the family from filling out the medical history again which could prove to be inaccurate since many people often forget everything that has affected their health. It is additionally effective because medical information can be shared quickly in case of an emergency.

The government has enacted some new laws which took effect a few months ago which benefit medical providers who use electronic health records. These providers will receive Medicare or Medicaid payments if they comply and use the highly effective electronic health record technology option.

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