Govind Milk Lives up to Tagline 'Good morning to Good Health'! Goes All Organic!

Aurangabad, India (PressExposure) December 26, 2011 -- Govind Milk, one of the foremost endeavours in the field of certified organic milk and milk products in the country today, was established in the year 1995 with an intention to help the underprivileged farmers in the region. It is situated in Phaltan, district Satara, Maharashtra. Govind Milk, today a renowned and quality conscious brand for milk and milk products in the state of Maharashtra and adjoining states, has embraced organic milk production, something which is good for consumers, farmers and more importantly for cows!

"We are very glad to announce a new concept of organic milk in the market. Govind milk has launched today the in-conversion to organic milk in the market. The small farms associated with us produce the feed with as per organic regulations; cows dwell in loose housing barns in healthy environment & are looked after well. These organic farms are also ECOCERT certified as In-conversion to organic first year", says Mr Dhumal, managing director of Govind milk and milk products pvt ltd and an avid follower of a holistic meditation technique of Vipassana.

It was Mr Dhumal who after having witnessed the results on body, mind and soul after attending Vipassana course on him and others in the organisation, realised that stress free life is a birthright of animals too, who happen to be the basis of any dairy business!

"The deeper I thought; stronger I believed that animals shouldn't be tied at all and should be fed their real food which is also without toxins!," said Mr Dhumal, "Loose housing barns are proving to be a low operational cost concept. It facilitates free movement of cattle/livestock in a designated area delivering comfort & access to water & feed. To protect the animals from heat during day time some natural or artificial shade is provided. The natural instinct of an animal to rub his body against some available hard surface at intervals is taken care of with a brush mounted strategically in the loose houses."

"Thanks to these measures and feeding fodder strictly grown on the certified organic farms of the individual farmers, animals are healthy and happy thereby yielding milk which is most favourable to consumers' bodies," said Dr S P Gaikwad, a veterinarian by profession and the strong proponent of organic milk from past few years. "The process to register our contracted small farms with Ecocert started two years back when we first attended the one day national convention they had organised in Ahmedabad on organic milk and milk products. I understood that organic milk is need of the hour and nothing else we can produce which is equally beneficial to all - consumers, farmers, animals and nature."

Govind Milk which has got today the procurement capacity of 3,25,000 litres of milk and of which around 2,00,000 litres of milk is sold in retail form through an established distribution channel, is owned by Sanjeevraje Naik Nimbalkar who is the grandson of the Late Malojiraje Naik Nimbalkar, the former ruler of the State of Phaltan. Mr Sanjeevraje and his wife, Shivanjaliraje both of them also the keen followers of Vipassana are committed to making the lives of everyone involved with this business happier. The husband and wife duo have experienced that those who embrace this path of enlightenment, give up all vices, leading to a friendly, efficient & trustworthy environment in the society and organisation. Decision of professionally producing certified organic milk was hence just an inevitable and obvious step ahead and manifestation of their inner conviction.

"Milk is one of the most important components of our diet and its consumption ensures good health, growth and development. Compared to conventional, organic milk contains more CLA, OMEGA 3, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Regular intake increases immunity and helps to fight against heart ailments, arthritis, cancer etc. Thus the demand for organic milk is growing amongst health conscious consumers. It has been that there is a huge demand for this milk in our own country as well and consumers are willing to pay a premium price for organic milk and milk products. "says Mr Sanjeevraje Nimbalkar.

"The Ecocert certification is helping us enough in market penetration today. It is still at a very initial stage since this is first year of certification and we have acquired the in-conversion status from Ecocert. But the progress of sell is satisfactory even in in-conversion status. Today we are selling 1000 litre milk as in-conversion to organic. There is a permanent stall in Kavita Mukhi's Farmers' market at Bandra, Mumbai. Besides, organic milk is also being sold through Govind's own Shoppe at Sanpada, "says Mr Dhumal. "Again there is a new scheme of door delivery which we are promoting aggressively. At present it is operational only in Mumbai. Whoever registers their name and address with us will receive the organic milk at their doorstep! It is ensured that our own delivery boy delivers the milk and there is no sale through un-authorised counters and persons. In a very short span the number of families registered for home delivery service has risen to 120!"

"Organic is a very serious business segment for us. We aim to convert a major portion of our milk and milk products' production into organic and also wish to diversify the existing product range in organic. Ultimately, we all strive for stress free life which is in harmony with Mother Nature. Consumption of organic milk enables us to achieve this objective at our level to some extent but to much extent for the cows and soil," says Mr Dhumal!

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