Great New Ways for Holiday Postcard Printing

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) January 14, 2010 -- Whether you are printing postcards for greetings or maybe doing a little printing and marketing, it is a fact that in the holiday season there is always that move to do something new.

Since lots of people see color postcards during the holidays, it is important to be unique and original each time just to be noticed. If you are flat out with ideas on new ways for holiday postcard printing, I have four suggestions for you that should work quite well.

• Getting bigger postcards - It is a simple and perhaps almost obvious idea but it works. Since everything today is being super-sized, why not super-size this holiday season? Not only does this give a big impact on your readers, but it also is fun to do and design. You get to play with a lot of design effects with large ones and you do not have to limit yourself with the text. You will have enough space for a good cover image and maybe some text for the holiday postcard message. Lots of people will appreciate this effort, and it can be a memorable experience getting a big holiday card.

• Festive sparkles and twinkles - Another little known idea is the use of sparkling or twinkling inks. While this is a standard choice for most greeting cards, postcards are usually not given this treatment. However, considering that it is the holiday season coming up, using glitter inks for the design can be quite appropriate. If you have just the right design, you can add a special ink to a design element that twinkles with the light. That design element can be a star, a snowflake, magic wand or any other kind of holiday symbol. Adding glittering inks into that symbol should add a little "magic" to the cover that can be quite memorable.

• Enhanced digital designs - Now, if you have not done this already, it is important that you enhance your cover photographs a little further. Instead of just using the images or photographs as is in your prints, you may want to get a little creative and enhance them a little.

For example, you can increase the lighting of the picture and then add a little blur effect. This adds in a soft undertone to the image making it look more nostalgic or dreamy. On the flip side, you can sharpen the whole image, make the colors more intense to make something very surreal looking and magical. It all depends on your design, but a little enhancing via some cool editing software can really change how they look.

• Special devices - Finally, if you have a big budget, you might want to add some special devices in your design. This can be a simple hologram sticker, a special chip with music in it, or special lights and inks that glow in the dark. These special devices can really improve the impact of your color postcards. People should be able to remember you with these special devices. If you are marketing, you should be able to reach quite a lot of people because of these special devices.

So try something new this holiday season! Make your cards look fresh and better with these techniques. Good Luck!

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