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Telford, PA (PressExposure) July 21, 2009 -- We all know that in using catalogs for marketing, the images hold the greatest appeal to the target market. Therefore, when you are printing catalog, those products' photographs must always look great for the catalog to succeed.

This means that you must pay a great deal of attention in your catalog product photo shoot. The photo shoot is where you get your product images, and this must be perfect for the catalog to come out perfect as well.

To have the best catalog photo shoot, you need a few crucial "ingredients" so that the qualities of the photographs appear great. In this article, we will share with you the seven important things for better looking products in your catalog photo shoot.

1. A wide spacious location - The first major ingredient, is a wide spacious location. Do not try to do your photo shoots in small and cramped places even though you only sell small products. A wide location lets you adjust the environment of the products well to get that perfect photograph. This of course also provides ample space for your lighting and photographic equipment as well as other props and design accents that you may want.

2. The best digital camera you can get your hands on - Of course, you should also get the best digital camera that you can borrow or acquire. Digital cameras are the best tools to use today since most of them store images digitally instead of perishable film. This also means that you can take a lot of pictures of your products so that you have a lot of options in choosing your images. So make sure you get a great digital camera with the best and largest resolutions possible.

3. Proper lenses - If you do have some extra funds, it should be also good to have the proper professional lenses that you can use in your camera. The best is the 80mm type lens, which is virtually the nearest lens that can capture images like the human eye itself. So try to target the best lenses to use to get the best pictures for your products.

4. Lots of lighting - Lighting is also a very important part in a catalog photo shoot. Images will always look great with a lot of properly positioned lighting. So if it is at all possible try to rent or borrow lighting stands and lamps so that your products can be lit in the proper way that enhances their features.

5. A steady and secure tripod - You should also have a tripod handy for your camera. Tripods are perfect if you want to position several products in just the right way to get the effects that you want. It can also help you with complex photo shoots where a steady camera "hand" is needed.

6. Ladders and chairs - Also, you may want to have a few ladders and chairs with you for the photo shoot. This enables your photographer to experiment with different angles of the product, giving you more options for the photographs.

7. Uniformly colored mount and background - Finally always try to have the background and the mount table for the products to have a uniform color. Black, or white are usually the best. By doing this, your digital artists will have an easier time "lifting" your product images and setting them correctly into the catalog designs.

Great! Those things should prepare you well for a good session of product photography. Once you get the great shots and images that you need, half the work for catalog printing is done. So good luck with the photo shoot.

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