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, CA (PressExposure) April 19, 2008 -- A recipe is derived from a Latin word recipe; that is an instruction to have the ingredients readily available. The culinary recipes consist of the name of the dish, the time required to prepare the dish, the ingredients required to prepare with their appropriate quantities and proportions, the utensils needed to prepare the dish, the amount food which would be available after cooking.

The Online recipes proved various recipes on how to prepare soup, different kinds of desserts, salads. The online recipes also provide the recipe book to learn on how to cook. In precise cooking is an art. It involves different methods, utensils, and various combinations of ingredients. It is the process of measuring, choosing, and combing the ingredients in a proper method as to get the desired result. There are varieties of food world wide depending on the culture, agriculture, social, and religious impact on food. The cooking mainly consists of Proteins, Fat, Carbohydrate, and liquids.

The major cooking techniques are Baking, Boiling, Frying, Microwaving, Roasting. Some other cool techniques are Brining, Dying, Grinding, Seasoning, Sprouting and Sugaring. The pastry recipes help in different varieties of pastries like Asian Recipe - Steamed Mini Green Pea Cake. The salad recipes give us a variety of ways in preparing salads with different fruits. Soups are the key liquid food to have before any lunch or dinner, which acts as an appetizer. Soups recipes gives a varied collection of different soup preparation.

Baking is a cooking technique which uses dry heat on food through conduction. It is used in the preparation of Bread, Cakes and Pastries. The person who prepares the baked goods is called as a Baker. The ingredients often used in baking are Butter, Flour, Sugar, Cocoa, Egg and Salt. Different types of baking methods are Blind-baking, Broiling, Flash Bake, etc. Another type of cooking is boiling the food. Boiling is the method of cooking the food with water. Various types of boiling methods are Blanching, Braising, Coddling, Crock Pot, Double steaming, Infusion, Poaching, Pressure cooking, Simmering, Steaming, Steeping, Stewing, etc. Frying is the method of cooking with oil and fat. Frying methods vary with the amount of fat required, the cooking time and the utensils used while cooking. The deep fry method more popular world wide. But frying the food deeper reduces the nutrient content to a very low level. The examples of fried foods are French fries, potato chips, etc. Different types of frying methods are Deep frying, Hot salt frying, Hot sand frying, Pan frying, Pressure frying, Stir frying, etc.

The Microwave cooking is also a popular kind of cooking. A microwave is kitchen equipment which uses the microwave radiation to cook food. Roasting is another form of cooking which utilizes dry heat. Roasting creates carmelization of the surface of the food, which gives a good flavor. The meats are usually cooked in a roast form. The coffee and chocolates are usually roasted. Barbecuing, Grilling, Searing and Toast are the various roasting methods. Interestingly we can cook food through smoking. It is a process through which the food are flavored, cooked and preserved. Commonly meats and fish are cooked through Smoking. They use burning woods to create the smoke.

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