GreenWorld (BVI) Offers Renewable Energy Investment to the Retail Market

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) July 10, 2011 -- Boutique investment firm GreenWorld (BVI) announced that it now is able to offer individuals a unique renewable energy investment in Australia.

During the last several years, there has been a boom in crop-based ethanol such as corn and other food crops. However, while ethanol made from food crops does produce energy and electricity, in practice it has some negative side-effects. In particular, the conversion of corn and other food crops to energy has been heavily responsible for the skyrocketing price of food in the last 2-3 years, which in turn has also contributed to substantial political unrest.

GreenWorld (BVI)'s investment is specifically designed to produce green electricity and other green byproducts, and this is done strictly from renewable forestry resources that do not involve food crops.

The investment is based a green oil producing tree called Millettia Pinnatta. The Millettia tree lives for up to 100 years with a productive life of 65 to 70 years and the trees are planted in a forestry plantation in Queensland, Australia. The leaves of the Milettia tree produce an oil that can easily be used for electricity and other products.

The investor receives an agricultural land lease in GreenWorld (BVI)’s Millettia plantation, and the lease is fully registered in the investor’s name at the Australian Land registry. Clients are offered an opportunity choose either a five year investment term or a 10 year term, both of which offer dividends

Those payouts escalates on a yearly basis up to 17%, and the investment also provides for a return on all capital at the end of the investment term.

“GreenWorld (BVI) is pleased to offer what we feel is a unique high-return renewable energy investment,” commented Josh Cohn, a Partner at GreenWorld (BVI), “and we feel it has the added benefit of being situated in a safe country such as Australia where investors can count on the rule of law and a fair legal environment,” added Cohn.

Cohn further noted that GreenWorld (BVI) has seen a substantial uptick in interest from individuals in GreenWorld’s portfolio of farmland, forestry and renewable energy investments, which Cohn attributed to continued anxiety stemming from the collapse in financial markets in 2008.

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GreenWorld (BVI) is a firm that specializes in alternative, “green” investments that allow our clients to access forestry and timber investments, farmland investments and other green investments directly.

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