Green Train Makes Over Your Dorm Room with Chic, Green Style

Virginia Beach, VA (PressExposure) October 14, 2009 -- At the Green Train, we stress conservation and intelligent use of natural resources. Because of this, we've turned our attention to the universities to offer more eco-friendly solutions. College easily can become a four-year span of one-time items--everything from paper plates, to travel shampoo bottles, to thirteen different notebooks a semester. While it is easy to understand why you would not want to haul 45 boxes every year, when you move dorm rooms, making a few changes will not only save you money, but eliminate waste and reduce your carbon footprint. This will cut back on trips in your pajamas to the dumpster each week and be a good deed for Mother Nature.

Sleep in luxury. When it comes to a dorm, there is not much room for anything other than a twin, making your bed the main attraction. It is easy to want grab the cheaper, synthetic materials and change the style every year. Instead, try an organic sheet set and using it for all four years (or however much time you have left). Organic materials tend to be a higher quality, and therefore will last longer. Not only are they softer than most low-thread count sheets, while containing less allergens and no pesticides or chemicals, they a great green choice, being easier on the environment during growth and harvest.

Dine on elegance. Ditch the oh-so-convenient Dixie cups and plastic utensils. In place of these non-biodegradable, landfill all-stars, splurge on a one-time, green purchase of wooden plates and bowls, along with some unbreakable cups and silverware. Having actual hardware to eat on and with will cut back on trash each time you eat. Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to eat Easy Mac with a knife because your roommate used the last fork and spoon.

Shop vintage. While it is tempting to buy the dorm-room-in-a-box sets at your local superstore, we have a better solution that involves conserving pieces doomed for the trash. Try a more unique and sophisticated look by shopping for furniture at thrift stores. You can find great deals on anything from book marks to lamps at secondhand stores, and guaranteed no one else in your dorm will have a replica. Your new décor style is not only chic, but rescues pieces of furniture, while also eliminating any packaging.

The above tips have shown ways in which the college student can be frugal, stylish, and green. Three words you do not normally see in the same sentence, but contrary to popular belief, style does not have to cost the environment or a lot of money.

About Green Train Project

The Green Train Project, the four-year vision of Bob Wolf, started in 2005, will educate the public and enlist global support to help reverse the continued waste and destruction of our planet. Scheduled to depart from Portland in April 2010, The Green Train, a solar-powered, biodiesel machine, will pass through every geographic region in the USA during a 10-week, 28-state whistle stop tour finishing in Washington, D.C. The Green Train is planning a trek in Europe in 2011 and a simultaneous train ride on each continent of the world each year after that. As The Green Train holds informational festivals and whistle stops throughout the nation, the public can meet the train in small town America, as well as the larger cities, to learn more and become involved. The messages on which Wolf’s project focuses are:

• Everyone can make a positive difference to the future of the earth
• Being green is simple and saves money.
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